1. Yves Jalbert says:

    Identified a bug with the permissions

    Hi Cindy,

    This is a great plugin! I haven’t donated yet but I’m trying to get a bit of money from the group who is using it. They are a small association of volunteers with no funding, so I set them up with a WordPress “intranet” (simply a site protected by password) to help them out. The plugin is helping them coordinate their activities and know who does what (small association of electric cars).

    I found the following issue with the plugin.

    5 users that I moved from “Authors” to “Editors” in WordPress 3.9.1

    Following that change the users can:
    Still see all to-do items [todoadmin] on a page. – OK
    They can also complete existing and new to-do items. – OK
    They can create new to-do items – OK
    But when adding a new to-do item, their names are no longer present in the list of available users (Assigned To), only myself (Admin – the only one who’s role hasn’t changed).

    So far:
    -I moved them back to the “Authors” role – no success
    -In settings/permissions I made sure that all capabilities aside the two delete ones are set to “Publish Posts” – no success
    -I also tried to set all the capabilities to “Read” – still no success, I’m the only one available in the Assign To field (Select a user).

    I’ve tried many scenarios with no success so far. These five users (all users aside myself) who changed roles are not present under the Assign To field beside myself. Setting them back to their original role did nothing.

    The only solution I have found so far is print a list of all to-do items, delete the plugin and re-install it; and then re-create all the to-do items. Then the users are available in the Assign To field (with myself). If I change my role, I’m no longer available in the list; and same if I put myself back in the Admin role, still not there.

    Happened every time a user changes role. No way to get them back.

    Any ideas or feedback you can provide?

    Many thanks for the taking time to read this.

    • I’ll try and take a look at it sometime soon and see if I can find out why that is happening instead of behaving as it should.

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