WordPress To-Do List Plugin

This plugin provides users with a to-do list feature.

You can configure the plugin to have private to-do lists for each user, to have all users share a to-do list, or to have a master list with individual completion of items. The shared to-do list has a variety of settings available. You can assign to-do items to a specific user (includes a setting to email a new to-do item to the assigned user) and optionally have those items only viewable by that user. You can also assign different permission levels using capabilities. There are also settings to show deadline and progress fields. Category support is included as well as front-end administration.

A new menu item is added to the backend to manage your list and the to-do list is also listed on a dashboard widget.

A sidebar widget is available as well as a shortcode to display the to-do list items on your site.

There are two shortcodes for front-end viewing of the list. Management of categories is restricted to the back-end.

View Plugin Filters and Hooks

If you have translated this plugin and would like me to include it,
please email me the files at cindy@cleverness.org.

The Three List Views

This view allows every user to have their own private to-do list.
This view allows all users to share one to-do list.
This view has a master to-do list that can be edited d by a user with the required permissions. The other users are able to check off items on their individual version of the list.

Using the List Shortcode


Available Options:

default is no title
you can chose list or table view – default is list
default is show – use a blank value to hide (only applies to table view)
default is show – use a blank value to hide
default is show – use a blank value to hide
default is show – use a blank value to hide
default is show – use a blank value to hide
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is blank – set to show to display completed items. Set to only to show just the completed items.
default is no title
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is ol (ordered list) – use ul to show an unordered list
default is all – use the category ID to show a specific category


A table view with the title of Coming Soon and showing the progress, deadline and the user the item was assigned to.

[todolist title="Coming Soon" type="table" priorities="" addedby=""]

Using the Checklist Shortcode


Available Options:

default is no title
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is all categories (0). Use the category ID to show a specific category
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is blank (“”). Use the ID of the to-do item to display just one item


Set the title to “My To-Do List” and show the deadline and only items in a specific category.

[todochecklist title="My To-Do List" deadline=1 category=1]

Using the Admin Shortcode


Available Options:

default is no title
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is show (1). Use 0 to hide
default is all categories (0). Use the category ID to show a specific category
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide (0). Use 1 to show
default is hide(0). Use 1 to show


Set the title to “Things to Do” and show the priority and the progress.

[todoadmin title="Things to Do" priority=1 progress=1]

Additional Information on Available Permissions

These settings are used in the Group and Master views.

Important! When using the Master List View type users that you do not want to edit the list should only be allowed to View To-Do List and Complete To-Do Items, otherwise they will be able to edit the Master list to-dos.

View To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to view to-do items in the dashboard widget and on the To-Do List page under Tools.
Complete To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to mark to-do items as completed or uncompleted.
Add To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to add new to-do items.
Edit To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to edit existing to-do items.
Assign To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to assign to-do items to individual users.
View All Assigned Tasks Capability
This allows the selected capability to view all tasks even if Show Each User Only Their Assigned Tasks is set to Yes.
Delete To-Do Item Capability
This allows the selected capability to delete individual to-do items.
Purge To-Do Items Capability
This allows the selected capability to purge all the completed to-do items.
Add Categories Capability
This allows the selected capability to add new categories.


I have numerous hooks in the plugin so you can customize how it looks and functions. If a hook is needed somewhere, please let me know.
View the list of actions and filters.
View WordPress Codex article on using hooks.

You can create your own templates for the dashboard widget and the widget. You can find them in the /templates/ directory. Place them in your theme’s folder in a directory called ctdl-templates.

Do you have a feature request? Did you find a bug? Check out the trac and see if someone else has reported it. If not, please do so!


  1. Great plugin!
    Question though πŸ™‚
    The columns and rows are rather ‘spacious’. Every item/input just takes a lot of space. I assume it has to do with my theme right? Is there anything I can do? It’s not that easy to figure out the CSS for me… πŸ™



    • Yes, your theme. There are tools such as Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools that allow you to modify the CSS “on the fly” and to see what CSS corresponds to each element easily, so you know what to change in your CSS file in your theme. Likely padding, margin, height, or line-height.

      • OK, thanks!

        Yes, it then have an effect on all the other layout items as well. I’m not sure if it would mess up things too much. Anyway, will figure things out.
        Thanks again Cindy!


  2. We have a website powered by wordpress/buddypress. Can this plugin provide our users with their own individual “to-do” list?

  3. Cindy Mateus says:

    Hi Cindy,

    This is a great plugin, thanks for handling it! I just would like to know if is there a way to receive an e-mail as reminder of a to do?
    For exemple, one day before the deadline, send automatically an e-mail to the user and remind him to don’t forget to complete the to-do tasks.

    Thanks a lot.

    Cindy (MindForest Company)

  4. Hi!

    I am sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to assign a task to a user role instead of specific users?


  5. KenDerGuru says:

    I have a problem:
    If I add the admin shortcode, only the edit function works. I am not able to create, delete or mark to do’s as finished. If I click on one of this options the page reloads but nothing changed. In the backend everything works as it should. I use the shortcode without any customizations: [todoadmin]

    Does anyone have the same problem and knows how to get the front end to work?
    I am using the newest WordPress version 4.4.2 and the newest plugin version 3.4.2. I am using the X-Theme by Themeco with a Raw content container in Cornerstone to display the shortcode.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Does using a default WordPress theme work? There may be something in the theme’s JavaScript preventing the ajax from working correctly.

  6. Jessie Guilford says:

    How do you change the task title to a different font or colour?

    • You’ll need to use CSS and the exact CSS will depend on what you’re using to display it – for example for the todoadmin shortcode you could use .todo-text { color: red; }.

  7. Hi Cindy,

    I have some a about the front-end appearance of the To-Do List. When I’m using the shortcode [todoadmin], a checkbox appears next to each item in the first column. Is there a way to hide this column completely?

    • Not through the plugin itself. You could use CSS or JS to hide it. Like #todo-list td:first-child, #todo-list th:first-child {
      display: none;
      in CSS.

      • Thanks!

        But I have another question:
        1) I have a page where I can edit the to-do list in the frontend and a sidebar with the to-do list widget.
        When I add a new to-do item, it’s not appearing in the sidebar widget – I always have to refresh the page first. Is there a way to do this automatically?

        2) Is it possible to print the list?

        • No, the widget will only be updated when the page reloads since it only fetches the data on page load.

          You can print the list so far as you can print any webpage. There are some browser add-ons you can use to remove parts of the page you don’t need – I use one called “Print Edit” for Firefox as an example.

          • Thanks.

            I have another question regarding the order of to do items. When I add a new item, it appears at the top of the list (within the category). Is it possible to change that, so that a new to do item is always added as the last item?

          • The only way to do that would be to modify a line in the code. In includes/cleverness-to-do-list-library.class.php line #195 says 'order' => 'ASC',. It would need to be changed to 'order' => 'DESC',

          • I changed it do ‘DESC’, but items are still appearing at the top.

          • I just saw that line #173 will need changed as well since you’re using categories, to the same thing.

          • Thanks, I just tested it. But it’s still not working properly. Sometimes an item is added at the bottom and sometimes at the top

  8. Eslam yosef says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the plugin, great one.

    I submitted a support question via WordPress but it doesn’t show up in the plugin’s support page – I don’t know why! – so, would you give it a look please?

    Link: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/assign-default-list-for-new-registered-users-while-individual-mode

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  9. What’s the status on those email reminder? Would be great to have!

    • There will be no further functionality added to this plugin. I’m working on a new to-do list plugin that will eventually have email reminders as a possible add-on.

  10. I want to change order of the categories
    Item Priority Progress Category
    I want
    Category Item Priority Progess

    Possible or just impossible to do?

    Greate plugin!

  11. Hello Cindy,

    I am using this plugin for a regular monthly activity checklist. Each member will work individually off of the same checklist. Is there a way to automatically reset all the check boxes for the list so they are all empty upon midnight of the first day of the new month?

    Thank you.

    • No, that would require some custom programming. The only way to do it out of the box is manually – use the delete all to-dos button under settings and then enter all the to-dos again.

  12. I am struggling to get the new to do item to load into the table without having to refresh the page after submitting the form. Every time I submit the form data it sends me to the 404 Nothing Found page…clicking on the home page button somehow loads the page but not until i have to manually click the button from the 404 page…every time. Please help.

  13. I am very glad I found this plug in . Been playing around with it and need some help. I am trying to use the Mater view option. I want all users to be able to use the checklist I create, and when they check it off, it goes away. Well it does this. But when I go back to my admin dashboard all of the tasks look like they have been checked off. so I uncheck the boxes again and the boxes show back up. I don’t want these boxes to uncheck for everyone because one user checks them off. I was using this shortcode [todochecklist]. Any advice, I would really appreciate it?

  14. Michael says:

    Hi, what a great plugin! It really works well. However, I am having a bit of trouble.

    I would like to have everyone that works on my website to be able to do everything and see everything. And this works fine. I set up a “tasks” page and used the todoadmin shortcorde. Everything displays exactly how I would want it to. My issue is that I would like the To-Do List widget to display in the sidebar and only show the tasks created and assigned to that specific logged-in user. My goal here is that everyone can see and edit the entire list on the “tasks” page, but always be able to quickly view only their personal to-do items in the sidebar which appears on every page of the webiste.

    Is this possible?

  15. Brandan says:

    The functionality (individual to-do lists and a master list with individual completion) looks great. Will you be updating the plugin for WordPress 3.9? Is so, how soon.

  16. RT Parker says:

    Hi, I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but we’re looking for a way to display a to do list (it’s for a product roadmap and features) to be displayed publicly, whether someone has or has not been logged into WP. Is this at all possible? Since not all of our visitors will be logging in, we’d like to show a view only on the frontside of the website via a shortcode on our roadmap page.

    If there’s an easy way, I couldn’t figure it out.

    • SugarMags says:

      It’s quite easy and fully explained above: just use the shortcode. I’m not the plugin author, just a user…but it works fine (in WP 3.9). The shortcode displays the list on a page, post or even in a Buddypress Groups Doc. Use the various shortcode parameters to customize the display to meet your needs.

  17. Hi there!

    I love your To Do plugin, it’s great!

    Is there any way to get the tickbox on the main To do List shortcode?

    Otherwise I have to use the Todolist and checklist shortcodes, and the checklist isnt quite and useable as the todo list.

    Other than that it works perfect what me
    Thank you so much

  18. Hi Cindy,

    I really love this plugin. It’s simple and easy to use. My main problem is that checked items (completed) are not being removed in any way from the list after they have been checked.

    I would really appreciate any help with this – the page where it’s being used is http://www.indyschoolonwheels.org/education-champion-judging/

  19. Please please please…. can you implement the standard [more] feature of WordPress. I want to include images/long descriptions with my to-do items, but the table rows show the WHOLE post (which really messes up the layout).

    Thank you!

  20. Cindy, I like the plugin, but wanted to know if something was possible. When I use the todoadmin shortcode, it displays not only the to do list, but also a form to add a to do to the list (if you have rights to do so). Is it possible to not show the add form (there is also a link to add a to do item so if someone needs to do so, they could use that)? Maintaining the list in our use case can be done in the back end. Thanks.

  21. This is a nice tool to track bugs. The ability to perform a text search of items would be most useful

  22. ricky shore says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I am using [todoadmin] shortcode and set editing of items to subscribers-level.
    On testing, subscriber role can edit but the RTE component does not show any way to attach new/additional documents to the to-do item being edited.

    Also, I want to be able to show the list of completed items below the uncompleted to do list (much like as what is seen on the back-end To-do list).

    Appreciate your help.



    • The subscriber not seeing the add media buttons is related to WordPress’s default permissions. It’s called upload_files and you can use a plugin to change it. http://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ is one such plugin.

      I’m working off and on on a new version that allows you to show completed items, but have no idea when it will be done.

  23. Are my comments being moderated?

  24. In the vecb plugin, under the visual-editor-custom-buttons dot php, edit out,

    add_action('save_post', 'vecb_save_options');

    So it looks like:

    //add_action('save_post', 'vecb_save_options');
  25. Cindy Thank you for the wonderful work
    Is there a possibility to add even an hour and not only date (for each item in the list)?
    Because on some days it becoming a long list, but there is no order for the time when handle everything

    Thanks again

  26. Every time a new to do item posted get this:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'vecb_save_options' was given in /xxxxxxxxx/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

    xxxx=site info

    • It sounds like another plugin is hooking onto WordPress’s save function also. None of my functions are called vecb_save_options. If you can figure out which plugin (or your theme) is doing it and it’s a free one, I can see if the problem is on my plugin’s end or theirs.

    • The conflict is with Visual Editor Custom Buttons by Ola Eborn. I tried to contact her also but even translated, the Swedish site is hard to navigate for me.

  27. I also really like this plugin, which I have installed on a wishlist memberpage.

    But how do I let other than wp-admin, have the possibility to add items on a page with [todoadmin] ??

    With wishlist I can make the specific page visible to a subgroup, but then they still cannot add items

    • If you are using the Group list type, make sure that the settings under To-Do List > Settings > User Permissions are set so that the users have access to add new items.

      • In the vecb plugin, edit out:
        add_action(‘save_post’, ‘vecb_save_options’);

        so it looks like:
        //add_action(‘save_post’, ‘vecb_save_options’);

  28. I have subscribers to a training site. There is a master list of TO DO items – the same list for every person. Your documentation on setting user permissions is very vague. How do I set it up so that each subscriber can check off their own items and not affect any other subscriber? Your docs say “Make sure you adjust the User Permissions appropriately when using the Master List View.” but no where is there any mention on HOW to do that.

    • Under To-Do List > Settings > User Permission the view and complete dropdowns should be set to an capability subscribers have on your site (possibly Read). Then you want to set all the others to something only admins can do (such as Manage Options) so only admins can change the master list.

      • Thanks for your quick response. I finally figured out the connection. It works. However, in my testing I noticed that if an admin checks something it disappears for everyone. The feature that would allow an item to remain while “checked” would be useful. That has my vote. Nice plugin. Expect my donation after I get the site completely completed. Is there a way to recover a checked item for a subscriber?

        • I’ve added the feature request for items to remain checked in master list for admins to my list of feature request. No guarantees that it will happen though.

          The only way to recover a checked item is to log in as that user in the WordPress backend and use the main To-Do List under the menu item to uncheck it from completed items. I have some feature requests for better completed item management in the front-end, but I won’t be able to do much work on it in the coming months most likely.

  29. Hi, I really like the plugin but have a question.

    I have multiple authors and would like to be able to create one to do list item, and assign it to ALL of my users (by typing in their name), which I have done.

    I would then like each of my users to complete the item, and then I get notified about it.

    But what seems to be happening is that when one of my users ticks the task as done, it completes the task for everyone.

    I’m sure this is possible, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it.

    Please can you help

    • You would need to use the Master list view type and make sure user permissions are set to only allow the correct level of users to modify items.

      • Thanks… if all my authors are at the same permission level, does that mean they will all get the same list and if one of them completes the item, the item gets marked as complete, or is there a way so all my authors are at same permission level, and if one ticks the item as done, it stays uncompleted for the rest of the team?

        • For the Master list type, there is one to-do list but completion is managed on a per-user basis (unless that user is an admin). As I replied to someone else today, you want to set up the user permissions as follows: Under To-Do List > Settings > User Permission the view and complete dropdowns should be set to an capability regular users have on your site. Then you want to set all the others to something only admins can do (such as Manage Options) so only admins can change the master list.

          Once it’s set up correctly, if an admin checks off an item it’s removed from all user’s lists. But if a non-admin user checks an item off, it is only marked as completed on their own list and remains uncompleted for everyone else who has not yet completed it.

    • There isn’t any way built into the plugin for you to be notified about it though.

  30. Great plugin. I took part in his translation into other languages. Thank you!

  31. Hi!

    I’m using your plugin and just love it. I’m curious about two things:

    1) When a task gets checked, I’d like it to remain on the list as completed and show 100% on the progress bar. Is this possible in the settings?
    2) On any given task – is there a way to make the progress bar show up and be edited on-screen without having to click “edit”?



    • I’ll second everything that Jess said with emphasis on item #1. When I check that a to-do item is complete, I’d like the progress bar to go to 100%. I can see where some might not want that automatic progress change; so, I would suggest having this be an option that can be enable in the advanced settings.

      I love this plug-in!

      Thanks for supporting the community.

    • Hi,

      No, neither of those are currently possible. I’ve added them to my feature request list, but I’m not going to be doing much other than bug fixes for awhile as I’m expecting my first child in a month.

  32. Hi,
    I’m using your plugin and it works great, I just have a question about customizing it. My site in Italian, so I need to translate the English words that appear in the list. I tried looking the plugin editor but I don’t want to break something in the code… can you tell me where I can change that? I basically need to translate the word “Deadline” and “Assigned to”, and also make the todo item bold.

    By the way, if you’d like, I can try an entire Italian translation of the plugin. Just let me know if you’re interested.

    • An Italian translation would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to include you in the credits like I do the other translation providers.

      If you need to make the todo item bold in the front-end, there is likely a CSS class in the HTML that you can style using your theme’s style.css file. You can inspect the HTML code to find the correct one. I think there’s different ones that I used in the widget and shortcodes otherwise I’d tell you the name of the class.

      I have a list of the filters I used here: http://cleverness.org/plugins/to-do-list/cleverness-to-do-list-filters-and-hooks/. You can use those to change the wording of Deadine and Assigned to without needing to modify the plugin. If you need an example of using a filter, I have one for my other plugin here. The filters should go into a new plugin or (less ideally) into your theme’s functions.php.

  33. Hi.

    I really love your plugin, it’s awsome, I appreciate that you have done it, but I have a little problem with it.

    When one of simple users gives task for an admin, why that user cannot see that task in his to-do’s list, I mean, to track it?

    I understand that it’s not very logical, but I want to make like a support page. There would be one person who does the work, and checks works in the list as they are done, and there would be a lot of users with their problems, which are giving him these tasks, and they would be able to see how these tasks are going and when they are done. πŸ™‚

    Is it possible to do something like that with your plugin?
    Thank you. πŸ™‚

  34. Sherry McGuire says:

    This is awesome. How do I sort by deadline again? I see in the release notes that it was fixed in 3.2.1, but don’t see an example of how to implement it through the shortcode.


  35. Love your plugin!
    Got a small problem that i’m sure you can help me with. When i activate the plugin i’m unable to get to any of my “posts” or “pages” in my WP dashboard. When i click on them i get a white screen instead of my usuaal list of pages or posts. Is there some code i need to add or delete?

    • I’m not sure why that would happen. I don’t have any code that appears on the post or page sections and no one else has reported this issue. Does this occur with the default WordPress theme (like twentytwelve) and no other plugins activated? Do you have access to your server PHP error logs where you could see if there are any error messages relating to this plugin?

  36. lastly … : ) some other really cool features would be …

    I have repeating to do’s for various jobs and would be nice to be able to select multiple to do’s and if they are already assigned to one post you could add them to another post and it would simply increase the to do form say assigned to 1 post but show assigned to 2 posts..

    Ability to bulk edit and reassign multiple to do’s to various posts would be awesome !

    Of course a quick edit would be nice so duplicated fields could be edited easily…

    Big Donation coming if possible : ) !

    • I’ll have to do some thinking on the programming end of this, but I’ve added it to my requested features list.

  37. I really really really would love it if the to-do’s would possibly dissapear like they do when clicked but show the done ( disappeared to do’s ) in a metabox inside the post admin.

    The person assigning me to do’s is having hard time remembering which post they assigned them to and keep track of them as we use the post’s admin to view detials and update posts inside the post planner plugin admin… I would be nice since the do’s are specific to posts and and once they are completed perhaps they would appear inside planner as done! this would allow anyone to simply view the post and see what all has been done and by who along with all other details with out having to go to the to do’s admin screen and then looking in a pile of done items to find what was done …

    I hope basically changing the disappearing to do’s to a greyed out and or strike through css would be ideal for my usage…

    • I responded on CodeCanyon since Post Planner is my plugin also. That is something that is possible and I’ll look into adding it soon (will probably be on the Post Planner plugin end).

      • This would be great – Meaning they operate exactly the same way as they do now only after they disappear they reappear in done tab or I like the idea of them grayed-out and a line -strike though them via css/JavaScript if possible.. great idea!

  38. Is there a way to have the to-do list use the same categories and heirarchy as the WordPress blog itself. Example: I am using WordPress as a builder log for an experiemntal aircraft where things to-do fit in the same categories as blog posts.

    Thanks You,

  39. Hello,
    Is there any way to make the to do list public on my WordPress Blog, rather than only be accessible within the WordPress Dashboard and Admin? Thank you!

    • Yes, there’s the [todoadmin] shortcode. If you just want the checklist, there’s [todochecklist]. And to display the list there’s [todolist] and a widget.

      • Thanks for the quick response Cindy! I am loving the to do list so far. I am now struggling to get the right shortcode to display the completed items on my blog.

        My goal is so that after you check of an item you can see a list of completed items and uncheck it if necessary so that it re adds to the list. Thanks!

        • Unfortunately, that’s not currently possible. It’s been requested by several people but I don’t have any ETA on adding it to the plugin.

          • Keith Klingen says:

            Any update on this type of feature? I see that we have the option to show when item is completed, but if we are using it as a master list, we cannot see who has completed these items on the backend, and/or the user cannot see what has been completed on the front end.

            Is there a way yet to do either one of these?

          • Not yet. I do still plan to add the ability to see completed items on the frontend to the user, but I can’t come up with a good visual way to show admins who completed items on a master list because some sites have 1000s of users.

  40. Hi I can not get it to show the check boxes so I can assign the to-do list to my VAs. I tried some things in the comments but nothing worked.

    • Is this in the backend or the frontend? If the frontend, only the todoadmin and todochecklist have checkboxes. Make sure that under User Permissions, Complete To-Do Item is set to something that user can do. If all that fails, try with the default WordPress theme and no other plugins activated to make sure it’s not a conflict.

  41. Hello,
    its a nice plugin, nut it is still not possible to sort from “date-added” πŸ™
    The sorting is wrong.
    Maybe you can fix it.

  42. I installed the plugin but I can’t see the checkboxes on the page so that the users can complete the tasks. I feel that I have tested all the setting but can’t get it to work. Also,the different colors for different proiroties are not showing on the webpage. I can see the different colors in the settings for the plugin.

    Any information will be very helpful.


    • About the priorities colors: I don’t add the CSS code for the different colors using the shortcodes in the frontend because it’s possible it wouldn’t look good with someone’s theme. I include the classes in the HTML so users can style them themselves using their theme’s style.css file. The classes are todo-normal, todo-important, and todo-low.

      Is it in the WordPress admin area or using the [todoadmin] or [todochecklist] shortcodes that the checkboxes aren’t displaying? Make sure that under the plugin settings > User Permissions “Complete To-Do Item Capability” is set to a capability that the user has.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply.

        Perfect, I will change the color using CSS based on our requirement.

        The shorcode that I am using on my page is [todolist type="table" completed="show" completed_title="Completed Tasks"]. I tried using [todochecklist] but it just displays the list of item – and I want the table. And [todoadmin] lets everyone add new items to the list – and I dont want that.

        Under user permissions, I currently have Complete To-Do Item Capability set to “Edit Posts”. I have tried users with different roles but I can’t see the checkboxes on the front-end. What should the permission be set to?


        • Ah, that’s the problem. The todolist shortcode doesn’t have checkboxes. It just displays a list. For [todoadmin], would setting the Add and Edit capability under User Permissions to a high level work for you? Or if you don’t want anyone at all to add items on the front-end, you could experiment with hiding the form and edit/delete buttons with CSS. They should all have CSS classes you can use.

          • Using the [todoadmin] shortcode shows the check boxes now. However, after displaying the list of things, the bottom section of the page displays the option of adding a new to-do item to the list – and I dont want people to add new items to the list. I just want them to be able to complete the item assigned to them.

            I tried changing user roles and it doesn’t matter which user role I assing a user – they are still able to add new items. Do you know what I mean? Any suggestions?

          • Do you have the List View Type under General settings set to Group? It should be set to that.

          • Yes it is set to group and the user role is set to contributer.

          • Under User Permissions, try setting the top two items to a capability that lowest users can do and then everything below that to something that only admins can do, like manage options and see if that gets the results you want.

          • That worked, thanks.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    I’m trying to set up a to-do list so that in group/master view, they only see their assigned tasks not everyone else’s.

    I have “Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them” checked and them set at “Authors”. But when they login, they see tasks of everyone.

    • In the To-Do List Settings, under the User Permissions tab, is View To-Do Items Assigned to Other Users Capability set to something that authors cannot do?

  44. surrogatekey says:

    Hello and thank you for a fantastic plugin. I would like to change the label for one of the fields (from “Deadline” to “Visit Date”) but haven’t been able to figure out where to change this. Could you point me in the right direction?

  45. Hi,

    the ADDED DATE sorting does not work correct.


  46. Hi,

    is there a possibility, to save all tasks, so that I can export them and import them to a new blog?

    The import/export settings of the plugin only save the settings, but not the tasks itself.

    If there’s no option for exporting the tasks, is there a possibility, to save them by using PhpMyAdmin, but I haven’t found there any “tables”, that “sounds” like to-do or “cleverness”?


    • Yes, you can use WordPress’s built-in importer/exporter. The tasks are all custom post types called To-Do. In the WordPress backend, go to Tools > Export and chose the To-Do radio button.

  47. Is there a way that I can integrate this with BuddyPress so that users can make their own to do lists or perhaps even have shared to do lists with other BuddyPress users??

  48. MengaMenga says:


    enjoying the plugin so far. Thanks for all the hard work. I will be sure to donate once I get everything up and running.

    I have it installed and set to display the admin checklist and a normal todo list with completed items set to SHOW. Is there a way to just create a list that shows only completed items?

    Currently it is showing both the completed and the outstanding to-do items.

    Thanks for your advice.

  49. Is there a way to add the [todolist] to the sourcecode of e.g. a page, without using the shortcode?

    • There’s a way to add a shortcode to a WordPress template page, if that’s what you’re looking to do.

      <?php echo do_shortcode('[todolist]'); ?>

      . Someone else has successfully used an iframe to include the backend version of the to-do list in their front-end page as well.

      • Thanks πŸ™‚ that is sort of what I am looking for.

        I want to be able to see other users individual to-do-list when I go to e.g. their profile page.

        When I use I see all users to-do’s on the same list.

        Is the a way to a users private/individual list on the front-end?

        • Thanks πŸ™‚ that is sort of what I am looking for.

          I want to be able to see other users individual to-do-list when I go to e.g. their profile page.

          When I use the shortcode you gave above, I see all users to-do’s on the same list.

          Is the a way to see users separate/individual lists on the front-end?

          • There’s now way I can think of to do that without modifying the plugin. If you’re comfortable with PHP, you do edit /includes/cleverness-to-do-list.class.php, in loop_through_todos function, to check to see if you’re on a profile page and then get the ID of the user whose profile you’re on and have the function use that instead of the logged in user’s ID.

  50. This is by far the best to-do list plugin around, thanks a lot for making it!

    I was wondering if there was a way to have one pre-set list which every user would have a unique version of? What I need is a page/post with the to-do list on which is filled with several objectives, and then people can log in and mark their individual progress using this page as a bookmark which they will return to.

    If there is a way to do that or if that’s a planned feature, that would be amazing. I’ve had a bit of trouble finding a way to do it.

    • It sounds the master view may work for what you want to do. With master view, an admin user makes a to-do list and every non-admin has their own version of the list that they can check off items. Keep in mind that if an admin checks off an item on the master list, it won’t show up in the user’s lists anymore. You’ll need to set up the permissions in the User Permissions settings. There’s a note on that page that says what you should set up for master view.

  51. Such a great plugin that I have been using forever. Just a suggestion for future versions… what about a color coding option? Might be handy for long lists.

  52. Christian von RΓΌtzen says:

    great plugin – the only issue is that I am missing a short title field for todos.

    We are used to describe some details in the todo, and these details are displayed in the overview making the page very confusing.

    Is there a way to separate title and body of a todo?


    • No, right now the title field is automatically set to the first x characters of the To-Do. I do have a feature request in for seperate fields but don’t know if or when it would be added.

  53. Hi Cindy,

    I am looking for a way to send email reminders for past due assignments. I was wondering if there was a way to do this within the to do list plugin already, or perhaps adding the post planner plugin would accomplish this?

    Two other feature ideas:

    1. an archive for completed tasks – this would take completed tasks off the page with the wysiwyg editor (nice addition by the way on the last update – now all my tasks are clickable links) and store them

    2. an ‘approved’ box that once a task is completed the admin can check the work and then approve it – adding a time stamp on when the work was reviewed and approved.

    keep up the great work on this plugin!

    • Hi,

      No, neither the To-Do List or Post Planner has the ability to send reminders. Thank you for the feature ideas. I always welcome new ideas.

  54. Hi Cindy, thanks for making this very handy app! I have a question, is it possible to send all users automatically a mail when they have done a “to do”? Thanks!

  55. I love this plugin and have been using it for a long time. I do have a question, though. When it outputs into the sidebar, using either the widget or the short code, there is now a number of empty lines between the “to do” item and the deadline that didn’t use to be there. It takes up a ton of extra space, so I was wondering if there is a way to eliminate those empty lines. You can see it in my sidebar of the link I attached. Thank you!

    • I added br tags in the output, sorry about the change. You can add

      .todo-list > br { display: none; }

      to your theme’s style.css file to remove the line break and then

      .todo-list .deadline { margin-left: 5px; }

      to move the deadline back up a line.

  56. Hi I have post planner and cleverness to do list. I am also using

    The sceduler adds an extra tinymce insert button. It is working on postplanner and other custom post types but not on ‘cleverness to do list’ editor. I understand this is another plugin and not really ‘meant’ to combine but any guidance on fixing this would really be appreciated.

    • I just installed that plugin and it did show up for me on the to-do list editor. I’m assuming you have the Use WYSIWYG Editor set to Yes for the To-Do List? What version of the scheduler plugin are you using? The most recent? I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up for you.

      • Hi Cindy
        Thanks so much for looking into this. I should have been clearer. The button appears. It’s just it doesn’t work.
        I have the latest version of scheduler and very recent wordpress.
        If this works for you then I suspect it might be one of my other plugins giving it jip!
        thanks so much again

        • also Use WYSIWYG Editor is set to Yes for the To-Do List

        • That makes a difference πŸ™‚ For me, that plugin doesn’t work at all other than showing the button and popping up a window that says there’s database errors. I get a ton of errors, no matter what page I’m on. I looked through the code for that plugin and didn’t notice what could cause the problem, but I think it may have something to do with my plugin being on a custom page rather than a post.php page like other posts and custom post types.

  57. Hi Cindy,

    wow, this is one of the best to-do-list plugins I’ve ever seen.
    Just one question:

    I would like to add within the editor, when creating a task, a link, but the editor of your plugin does not offer to add a – clickable – link.

    And if I try to add a task with a href= in its description field, then this is ignored.
    Could you give me a hint, how to add links in the tasks’ description field, that are clickable and can be made with an icon in your editor?


    • If you have Use WYSIWYG Editor set to Yes under Settings a button should show up like in the regular Post editor, unless you are using a plugin that hides some editor buttons.

      • ERROR like this ( yes i had that too – i thought it was just my hosting but a fix was in the forum….

        Warning: include(__DIR__/groups.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/waloraweb043/b184/moo.codingeducationcom/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/admin.php on line 2

        Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening β€˜__DIR__/groups.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php-5.2.17/lib/php’) in /hermes/waloraweb043/b184/moo.codingeducationcom/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/admin.php on line 2


        lease, open file wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler/admin.php and modify the second line like here:


  58. I’m enjoying testing your Cleverness To-Do List plugin, but I’m unable to workout how to display tasks in public categories to all website visitors.

    I can show the tasks in a page, but only I can see the tasks I created, or ones that have been assigned to me. Private category tasks are hidden from me, but I cannot see the point of that, as I can see them in the backend.

    Is there a way to display all tasks in public categories to all website visitors, but only show private ones to the owner or an assigned user?

    • Private categories were meant to only show in the backend, not in the front-end. This was added so they wouldn’t show up in the todolist shortcode or the widget.

      Are you using the widget or the shortcodes? If it’s the widget, there is a checkbox to control what the public sees (make sure Show Only Logged-In User’s Items in unchecked). I don’t have anything like that for the todolist shortcode but it sounds like that’s what needed to get the results you’re looking for.

      • Thank you for your prompt response, Cindy.

        I just set “Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them” to No in Advanced settings, and my public category tasks are now public. Seems like it works for the shortcode as well as the widget.

        Unfortunately, this makes private tasks open in the back end (I’m using group view), so it is not an option for me. I realize I am probably trying to stretch Cleverness use beyond it’s original intentions. Fortunately, it seems flexible enough to allow me to achieve what I want.

        When I mark a category private, I only want the tasks to be seen by admins, task creators, and anyone who is assigned to the task. I want public tasks viewable by everyone – even visitors not logged-in.

        I am going to create pages that provide public progress reports. This is easy using PHP (CTDL_Lib::get_todos()), though I wanted to check I hadn’t missed a feature somewhere. I will continue to keep “Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them” as yes, then create my public reports using your library function: CTDL_Lib::get_todos() – I only wish I could get anywhere near your coding standards. It’s a joy to be able to read plugin code and see a useful function immediately.

        An extra thank you is due for your inclusion of the ID as the first column in Categories list. Little things like that make a big difference.

  59. Dear Cindy, Thank you for making such a wonderful plugin. I had been googling for a calendar plugin (assuming that’s what I needed) and none did what I wanted and then I found your To Do List and it was perfect!

    I have some questions about controlling the appearance of the to do list on the front end.

    When using the todoadmin shortcode–

    a. Is there any way to control the width of the to do list columns and spacing between them? Right now, the columns are squished together and the sort arrows for each column are hidden underneath the text (they don’t line up with the columns) (This is true for all columns, e.g. priority, completed, progress, etc. except the Item column.)

    b. A checkbox appears by default next to each item, but this box does not seem to have any functionality. Clicking it and unclicking it does not do anything. How can I make it disappear? (Or how is the checkbox supposed to work?)

    When using todolist shortcode —

    a. Is there a way to add text to the output of the todolist shortcode to improve clarity? For example, when using list view and the show “progress” option you might see, for example, 30% under an item. Is there a way to add the text “completed” next to the progress output? So the user would see 30% completed, etc.

    b. Lastly, the output of the to do list and columns chosen through the shortcode options are all mushed together as well (just like when using todoadmin). There is no spacing between the columns and the sorting arrows overlap with all the headings (except the Item column).

    When using todochecklist shortcode —

    What is the todochecklist shortcode supposed to do? On my install, it outputs the to do list with a checkbox next to each item. However, nothing happens when the checkbox is clicked (The checkmarks appear/disappear but nothing else happens).

    I tried fooling around with some of the margin settings I found in cleverness-to-do-list-frontend.css but making changes there did not make any changes on the site.

    Thank you in advance for your help and for devoting yourself to this amazing plugin.

    • Thank you!

      I’ve tried to avoid adding much styling to the front-end display since most themes do provide default styling for tables and forms. For the todoadmin, you should be able to edit your theme’s style.css and add styles for #todo-list and add padding to #todo-list th and #todo-list td. The checkboxes are to allow you to mark an item as completed. This uses jQuery, so if it’s not working maybe your theme or another plugin has removed jQuery from your front-end or is loading an older version. Another possibilty is a JavaScript conflict with another plugin.

      The CSS styling can also be used for the todolist shortcode. I’ve added filters to allow people to change the display of items, but it seems I’ve forgotten to add one for the front-end display of the progress field. I’ll add that in the next version. The list of filters is at http://cleverness.org/plugins/to-do-list/cleverness-to-do-list-filters-and-hooks/. You take the name of the filter and use WordPress’s add_filter function and put it either in your theme’s functions.php or in a new plugin of it’s own. I really need to improve that page and add a tutorial about it.

      The checkboxes are supposed be functional when using todochecklist and removes the item as completed when checked.

  60. Dear Cindy,
    Forgive me if I am being dense, but I’ve read all around about this plugin and am still not clear if it will work for what I am needing.

    I have a private membership blog and am looking for a To-Do list plugin that will allow my members (who do not have access to the admin part of the blog, that is only me) to have interactive checklists for the projects we work on in community. Individual lists would be great, tho’ I can’t picture how this works.

    I was not clear from the info if the “users” you refer to are other people with admin privileges or if you mean members, as I have. We use Buddypress for profiles and such.

    • Since BuddyPress adds each member as a user account, it will work for those users. You just need to make sure that they have permission to use the To-Do List by setting the User Permissions under Settings to something that their user role can do. Probably the Read capability. If you decide to use the Individual list type, only the first permission listed is applied.

      If they’re going to be using the To-Do list from only the front-end, you will want to use the [todoadmin] shortcode in a Page. The Individual list type lets each person have their own list that no one else can see and that they have complete control over. Group list type means that everyone shares a list and can see everyone else’s items (unless you enable the setting to show them only items that have been assigned to them). Master list type means that you have one list where everything that is uncompleted for an admin user gets made into a list for everyone else that they check off on their own with no effect on the master list.

      Hope that helps.

  61. Is there a way to list a To Do list for multiple people and allow them to check them off individually? For instance I want to use this for a company that has multiple location and I would like it to show a To-Do Task and them list the 11 locations beneath and each one can check off the task as they finish it?

    Thanks so much!

    -Howard Young

    • The closest thing it has to that is the Master view, where the admin maintains a master list of to-do items and then each user checks off that to-do item just for their own list. But there’s no way for the admin to view who’s completed them that except to log in as the user.

  62. The meta data [2] (deadline) and [3] (completed) don’t both provided formatted dates when echoed directly. Not sure what happened…I thought they used to be identical formats.

    • Yes, they were previously identical. I had to change the format of the deadline that was stored in the database so that sorting by deadline would work correctly. Here is what I use to format each of those when echoing them:

      date( CTDL_Loader::$settings['date_format'], $deadline )


      date( CTDL_Loader::$settings['date_format'], strtotime( $completed ) )
  63. All working great thank you.
    Feature request:( maybe I am the only one though!)
    It would be nice to send to by email..
    Just me?
    thanks again ..great plugin

    • Thanks, I will add that to the feature request list. I’m not sure when or if it will be implemented though.

  64. Is there a way to change the percentage of a to-do item without marking it as complete and recreating it with a new percentage?

  65. Hello,

    how can I change the colors of the priorities?
    And how can I change the finishing %? I only need 3 different types of status. ASK, WAIT, ANSWERED

    How and where do I change that?


    • Right now the only way to change the colors is to edit the css file: /css/cleverness-to-do-list-admin.css. I can see about adding that to the settings in the future.

      Are you referring to the Progress field? That’s in /includes/cleverness-to-do-list.class.php and uses the create_progress_field and show_progress functions.

      • Hi Cindy,

        yes, that would be great if all the 3 the colors of priority can be changed.

        Yes, I want to change the Progress field. I just need 4 different status. Here it would be cool if the color will change to. want to create a toDo list with a kind of traffic sign.

        1. Add the concert and creat preview (color black)
        2. sent accreditation (color blue)
        3. bad feedback (color red)
        4. good feedback (color green)

        This is my wish πŸ™‚


        • You could change the progress slider increments so that there are only 4 increments in /js/cleverness-to-do-admin.js, in $( “#cleverness-todo-progress-slider” ).slider. Change step to 25. I don’t know of any way to get the increments to be different colors though. The slider is made using the jQuery UI slider.

  66. at that plugin does not work sprΓ‘vnΔ›s groups:

    1. All tasks are displayed unauthenticated
    2. public tasks does not display members …
    3. group that displays tasks and unauthenticated

    (on my web used Role Scoper)

  67. Great plugin! The only issue I’m having is that the assigned users don’t seem to be getting emails… Any idea why? The user’s email is definitely correct in the profile.

    Also, when the email does work, would it be possible to send reminder emails every few days until the deadline?

    • I’m having the same issue. I have it enabled to send emails, but they don’t. πŸ™

      Very happy with the updated plugin though. I’m happy that assignment now works. Thanks, Cindy!

    • Thanks for letting me know. My latest version must have broken that function. I’ll get that bug fixed in the next few days. I’ll look into the possibility of reminder emails for a future version.

  68. This plugin is FANTASTIC! exactly what I was looking for!

  69. Does the new version have the front end plug in as was suggested in the Beta 2.3. What I am needing is a to do list on a hidden page of the website for all our staff and volunteers.

    • Yes, the front-end version has been in since 3.0. You use the [todoadmin] shortcode in a page to display it.

  70. Hi Cindy,

    Great little plugin, very slick! My only problem is similar to @jason, there is no assign to field when creating a new to-do task. I test different scenarios, individual, group and master settings.

    I also have Members Plugin to manage roles & capabilties, when I check for the status for the custom permissions/capabilities (i.e. View To-Do Item Capability , Purge To-Do Items Capability…etc) they are NOT show as options.

    Could this be a reason why no Assign Task options are being displayed?

    Thanks Again – Erik

  71. Thank you Cindy!
    I have just started using your latest BETA version <a href=:"http://cleverness.org/2012/07/11/to-do-list-version-3-2-beta-2/&quot; title"(3-2-beta-2)" of To Do List, on a WP 3.4.1. Awesome plugin! It's working great!

    Minor issue, I was confused by the big buttons saying EDIT TO DO ITEM, or EDIT USER, etc..
    I was already editing the desired item and kept looking for a button saying Save Changes. πŸ™‚

    I did finally figured it out though, and am loving the plugin so far!

  72. cool little plugin.
    Once thing that would be nice to see is a bit more css classes.
    Especially for the list style.

    • Thanks, I’ve been adding some for my upcoming 3.2 release. I’ll check to make sure that the list items have some.

  73. Alessandro says:

    Hi, I have two questions, sorry to bother:

    1. Is it possible that the sorting by deadline does not see the month and sorts just according to the day?
    2. How do I enable the front end view of the tasks?

    • Currently sorting by deadline isn’t working properly. I’m working on fixing it.
      If you want the full front-end admin, use the [todoadmin] shortcode in a page.

  74. Hi Cindy,

    Rock on with this plugin. I noticed in the comments that you will be adding a sorting feature for the completed checklist table with the next release. I was wondering if the table will be collapsible as well? or if that is something that is easily added?

    thank you in advance for your response!


    • I was only able to add the sorting for the uncompleted items. The jQuery plugin only worked on one instance in a page. If I find one that allows you to use it twice, I’ll add sorting for the completed items too.

      I hadn’t thought about making the table collapsible. I really like that idea and will look into doing so.

      • Thank you for the response!

        In my situation I have a lot of completed tasks for each user, being able to collapse the table would be beneficial.

        I was wondering if there was a timeframe for release? or if I could pay the premium plugin price to get an advanced copy (if collapsible is possible)?


      • I haven’t checked out the sorting, but this Beta seems to add HTML capabilities – cool

  75. This plugin works great but I was hoping to relate/attach each to task to a post /page /category. Are any of those easily achievable?
    Any guidance really appreciated

  76. Hi

    Will functionality for viewing completed tasks to the frontend admin be added? would just complete the front end to see all of them, especially if the completed come under the add todo item form.


    • I have that on the feature request list, but I don’t have any ETA on when I’ll add it in. It requires changing how the frontend completes item to make it similar to the backend, so it’s not a quick addition unfortunately.

  77. Completed date is not showing – I get the “Completed” TH but the rows are empty…

    [todolist title="Current Priorities" type="table" priorities="show" category="6" list_type="ul" completed="show" completed_title="Completed Items"]

    Am I doing something wrong?


    • That’s a bug. I have it fixed in the version I’m currently working on.

      • Thanks for replying! In the meantime, I’m just removing Completed using jQuery


        Which works just fine, just need to display the completed list.

        Also noticed that the sort by deadline setting does not work – if I choose sort by deadline it sorts alphabetically anyways.

        Another feature that would be really, really nice – is the ability to sort by date, category, etc in the back-end.

        All in all this plugin is great and a lot more robust than it looks at first.


  78. Very cute plugin, but the widget area shows “all” of the categories regardless of what I choose as the category that is supposed to show.

    • I assume then, that’s the way the plugin works, or doesn’t work.

      • It’s supposed to respect what you set the category to in the widget. I’ve been trying to reproduce that problem, but so far for me, it shows the correct category. Do you have any details you can provide? Your settings? Feel free to email cindy@cleverness.org with settings screenshots or any other info you can provide.

  79. Hi Cindy,

    This plug in seems to do exactly what a client is looking for but I think I’ve set it up incorrectly and I’m not sure where.

    We have a user that is has contributor role. When they log in, go through to the back office and click on ‘To-Do List’ they receive the error
    ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page’

    I want the contributor to be able to update the to do list for their items.

    I have changed the permissions but still receive this error. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Are you using any role-editing plugins? Does the contributor have the default WordPress contributor capabilities?
      The setting that it’s checking when you click on the To-Do List Menu item is the first item under User Permission: View To-Do Item capability.
      Can you verify that it’s set to a capability that user actually has?

      • Thanks.
        I’m using the Member plugin as well.

        I went through and checked that the role permissions were correct with the Codex and also reset the view to do item capability to ‘edit post’ – I had it set higher and it all seems to work now.

        Thanks for your help!

      • I’ve just realised that the contributor can see the to do list but they can’t edit it.

        Should contributors be able to edit the to do list or is a higher role needed?


        • Do you have the next three items under User Permissions settings set to the same thing as the first one (the View Item one)? That should allow them to do all the needed functions. If they’re all set to the same, then I might need to check my code for a bug.

          • They were set to different things so I’ve corrected that so all 3 items are set to the same thing.

            The contributor still cannot edit of the tasks allocated to them.

            When they add a new item to their to do list it doesn’t appear in their list since they can’t allocate it to anyone. I would have thought that since they were creating the to do item it would automatically be allocated to them at least. Are contributors not expected to create to do items?

            Thanks for being so helpful with this! It is appreciated.


          • Okay be setting the top 5 to edit posts I seem to be able to get the contributor to add and edit posts which I think is what I need.

            I think this is now working the way my client requires.

            Thanks for your help.


  80. Hello,

    I might have found a bug?

    I am using this shortcode [todochecklist title="My To-Do List" deadline=1 categories=1 progress=1 editlink=1 date=1]

    The Edit Link and Date are not displaying?


  81. First of all, GREAT plugin. Flexible, comprehensive, and coded well.

    I have one feature request:
    Would it be possible to add a WYSIWYG text-area field called ‘To-Do Details’ or ‘To-Do Description’ or ‘To-Do Notes’ in the Add New To-Do Item?
    The current ‘To-Do’ might then have to be changed to ‘To-Do Title’ to have it make sense.

    This would allow the user to embellish or make notes regarding the item.
    The shortcodes would then have to reflect the new WYSIWYG field for display and management on the front end.

    Again, nice job, and I appreciate your efforts!

    • Thanks for the compliments. The next major version I’m working on has the option of using the WYSIWYG editor for the to-do text. I do have a details field on the list of possible future features, but I don’t have any ETA on when/if it would get added.

  82. Very good plugin, thanks for it and the time you spend in.

    I noticed some unclear things (bugs?) in version 3.1.7:

    – I can’t see the “assign to” even if I set the lowest rights or change userroles
    – ToDo Widget: all private and public to-do’s over all users show up if not logged in. If logged in it will show only my public and private posts, but should show public posts from others, nor?
    – an user with no rights for publish-pages can delete his own to-do’s, even if the minimum right for that is set to “publish-pages”

    One thing I miss completely is the possiblity to set a repitive to-do. Have you thought about implementing this in any further version?

    • Thank you for the notice about the possible bugs. I will look into them.
      I believe I have repeating to-dos in my list of requested features.

      • I’m having the same issue where I’m not seeing the option to assign a task to a specific user β€” yes, I have the option checked. πŸ™

        The plugin looks excellent though, thank you! πŸ™‚

        • I’m looking into this. Is this happening when using the Group View or Master View setting?

          • If I enable Group or Master, the option to assign does show up, but the only option is ‘None’.

  83. Very good plugin! I’m experiencing a problem unfortunately.

  84. Matthias says:

    Hi Cindy

    Great plugin, thanks! It seems to be a bug, if I want to show two to do lists with different categories. For example:

    [todolist category=25]
    [todolist category=26]

    Instead of showing me 2 to do lists with defined categories, it shows the cat 25 twice.

    Thank You

  85. Meg Geddes says:

    I am using 3.15 on several sites – while it seems to work okay in Firefox, I notice that in Chrome I don’t have the actual To Do List entry box – JUST the settings. Have tried this on three different computers now.

    • To be clear on what’s happening: in the left-hand menu, there’s only a Settings link, no To-Do List link? Or did I misunderstand? I just tried in Chrome and everything seems to be working as it should for me. It’s very odd that something like that would only happen in one browser. Are you using any other plugins?

      • Meg Geddes says:

        Yah, I have other plugins. And now it’s not working in Firefox either. I have no screen to actually add To Dos; just the settings. And if enable the link on the admin bar, once clicked it tells me I don’t have permission to access the screen.

        Does this need to modify .htaccess for some reason?

        • No, no .htaccess modification. If it’s not too much trouble, if you could take screenshots of your plugins page (so I can see if there’s a conflict), and each of your To-Do List Settings tabs (so I can replicate your settings), and email them to cindy@cleverness.org, I can look into it further. Or you could just tell me the plugins and settings, if you don’t want to take a screenshot. I just need some more info to try and reproduce the issue.

  86. Hello, I am missing a column where the person/user that the task is assign too is shown. Could you maybe add that please!


  87. Is it possible to link to-do text to a page.

    Thanks! Hepman

  88. Hi,

    I have a little issue. When I assign a task to someone it shows up fine in their list.
    They can also mark task as done in their admin panel.

    However, the admin does not see that in his panel. So there is no way to track when a task was done.
    Any idea?


    • Are you using the Group View or the Master View? If it’s the Master view, there’s currently no way to track who’s completed it.

      • Hi I use the masterview,

        would the group view make it possible. What I would need is that only an admin is able to send to-do’s to other people and can then check whether they’re done.

        Would be cool. Will check how the group-view works.

  89. Hi Cindy

    Its a great plugin. Thank you a lot. Actually Im experiencing the same problems as Alessia Heartilly, if I refresh my Admin page or if I refresh my page where todo code is placed, being logged in as admin – I have a lot of tasks duplicated.

    Another thing when Im using [todochecklist title="Tasks" todoid="114"] the checklist appears on the page, but when it is checked – nothing happend, just checkbox appeared but the task is not marked as “done”

    TODO version 3.1

    • Really? I had put some checks in place to prevent that duplication issue. Is your site multi-site? Is it making new duplicates even with the 3.1 version? What version did you upgrade from? Anything more specific you can tell me so I can try to troubleshoot it? I ran lots of different scenarios in my testing phase but nothing made it duplicate. Guess I missed one.

      I’ll check out the other issue you mentioned too.

    • I still haven’t managed to make items duplicate so let me know if you can provide any info.

      I also looked into the second item. I tested it in Firefox and IE. It was working for me. When an item is completed it shows up with the checkbox checked.

      • Hi Cindy,

        The issue with duplication is gone after admin’s logout/login…

        The second issue is repeting all the time under Google Chrome.

        Also Im failing to show only category [todochecklist title="Completed tasks" category=8]

        I tryed under Firefox and Explorer and the result is the same…

        • I fixed the category issue. I still haven’t found the issue with the todoid.

          • I got updated version.

            Category and todoid is working great.

            I also uninstalled Buddypress and installed it back, deleted all table and cleaned Database, and now everything is perfect.

            Thank you very much, its great plugin.

          • Hi again,

            Im struggling with set up to-do-list to set up as master list with individual completion of items.

            I set master view.
            Then I tryed “Assign To-Do Items to Users” Yes and No but the result is the same User A and User B behaves as sharing the same list instead of individual completion of items.

            I tryed different User permissions and result is the same. Can you please check if everythng is ok or to suggest what settings to use.

            Thnak you very much.

          • It’s working for me, with these User Permission settings: View and Complete set to Edit Posts, everything else set to Manage Options.

          • Thank you so much Cindy,

            Its working perfectly with user permissions set as you told and Assign To-Do Items to Users – Yes; Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them – No.

            I’m gonna use this cleverness to-do list as simple learning tool for my new project prophetschool.net for advanced Bible studies.

  90. Tomos Lawrence says:

    Hi, great plugin!

    One issue though. Im displaying this shortcode;

    [todoadmin title="Things to Do" priority=1 progress=1 Β deadline=1Β addedby=1 assigned=1]

    But it only displays the add to box on Google Chrome. On Firefox and IE it will only display the tasks list. Any ideas?

    • It displays in Firefox and IE for me, using that exact shortcode. Could it possibly be an issue with your theme and any CSS it applies to forms?

  91. First; Great Plugin!

    Is there a way that users can perform a database query in the frontend? I mean, sort or filter the created table in a page or post(as example: [todolist title="" type="table" addedby=""]
    ) by themself? If you got a lot of tasks to handle as a group this could be very useful!

    thank you!

    • Not currently. I plan to add some sort of dynamic filtering in the future, but I don’t have any estimated release date on that.

  92. Hi,

    Great plugin! I’m experiencing a problem unfortunately. The pull down menu’s do not work at all. I’m using WordPress 3.1.1. Maybe it’s my template? Can it be fixed because I like your work!



  93. Can each todo item have it’s own post title?

  94. hello,

    I am testing the plugin on a multisite installation.
    When I create a new blog, the list of tasks is not copied to the new blog.

    I want to be able to have the same list for all blogs with super admin able to check tasks individually on each blog.

    Thank you.


    • Sorry it took so long to respond. There’s no way to do this automatically. You can use WordPress’s export and import tool to import the tasks to each blog. Just chose to export only the ToDo custom post type.

  95. Hi, nice plugin. I dont know what I am doing wrong. I use these settings:
    List View – master
    Assign To-Do Items to Users – yes
    Show a User Only the To-Do Items Assigned to Them – yes
    But when admin creates a task and assigns it to any user, the user is still able to view all tasks.
    I am not sure but maybe there is a bug?

  96. I upgraded – all the previous To Do items and Categories vanished. After I tried deactivating then reactivating I can’t view the To Do List at all – even as admin!

    How do I fix it?

  97. Hello Cindy,

    This plugin seems to be really wonderful. I saw that the plugin has been translated in French and I saw indeed the corresponding files in the languages directory. But I don’t see how I can switch to the French version. Is there a file to update or an option to setup somewhere ?

  98. Sorry, i mean when i use this code:
    [todoadmin progress=0]

  99. [todoadmin progress=1] still shows the progress dropdown, why?

  100. I’m going to use the plug-in for my clients, so they can add work and keep track of my progress on their work. So, me as an admin want to get an e-mail every time they post an to-do item but i don’t want them to see all the other clients when choosing who to post the item to. Is this manageable?

    • If you feel comfortable modifying the code it’s possible. You would want to modify the function create_assign_field (might not be the exact function name) in /includes/cleverness-to-do-list.class.php and change the code the generates the drop down. Find out what your WordPress user id is and just create a static html dropdown option for only your user.

      • Thanks, but I solved by only addig adminstrator in the “User Roles Allowed” . In this way the subscriber could only choose the admin.

  101. Is it possible for a subscriber to taker part of the to-do list? and add thing to do also?

    • Solved it with the help of a plug-in called “User Role Editor”. That way i could change so a subscriber could “Edit user”.

  102. You plugin has generated 5960 posts in my posts table!!!!!
    AWFUL IDEA!!!!!!

    • 35,757 new fields in posts_meta.

    • It is now recommended that plugins store information in the posts table, using custom post types, instead of creating a new database table if they are able to. This allows plugin to use the WordPress API instead of accessing the database directly.

      Obviously, it is not recommended that a plugin creates a bunch of duplicates as mine did. It is very upsetting that it did not happen in my testing phase and that it got released to the public that way.

      • I now have this problem too. I deleted the plugin this morning (my homepage was totally blank and after deleting it the problem solved), and I just installed it again (version 3.0.6 now, on lastet wordpress verion). There were still old entries, but every entry got duplicated 3-4 times, even completed ones. Plus, when I try to delete all the completed entries nothing happens and I just get a blank page. I also tried deleting the duplicated entries one by one, but the delete button near every entry doesn’t seem to work. Another problem is that every assigned user has disappeared.
        The strange thing is that before deleting the plugin the numer of entries was ok.

        • Thanks for telling me. I seem to be making things worse instead of better with each update. This conversion to custom post types has caused more problems for people than I had ever expected. I need to get this plugin working right again.

          • No problem, I hope it helps fixing it πŸ™‚

          • There’s something strange happening. Yesterday evening I deleted a few duplicated tasks and now they’re in the list again. I have to deactivate the plugin to avoid having too many tasks in my list.
            Also when the plugin is active sometimes I get a blank page when navigatin through the site.

          • Cindy, I love the intent of this plug-in. Newest update fixed a glitch so I was able to reactivate it. Unfortunately, I’m finally understanding why I’ve been getting so many alerts that I’m almost at usage maximums from my website host

            I hope you can solve the database bloating issues.

      • As I understand, this recommendation is because of the security, to prevent SOL-injection.
        Then, if every plugin will store its data in posts table, it will be very huge, what will make your wordpress works slow.
        I would be happy to use To-Do List v2.2.8, where can I download it?

        I was so upset :), so haven’t told you, that actually your plugin is great.
        Thank you!

  103. This is really bad idea to store all the tasks in posts table! This table has many other entries, so tasks just it even bigger.
    and what if I uninstall the plugin, will it remove all the tasks???

  104. Your last update show all each task millions times. Can you fix that? and just stop updating plugin, cause it’s really hard to use it, as its too buggy.

    • Just to confirm: it is still creating new duplicates in 3.0.6 for you?

      To remove all the to-do items, go to phpMyAdmin and to the SQL tab. Enter this command (replace wp with whatever your table prefix is):

      DELETE FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_type` = 'todo'

      To get rid of things in post_meta, enter the following commands into the SQL tab (individually):

      DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_status'
      DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_progress'
      DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_assign'
      DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_deadline'
      DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_priority'
  105. I have deactivated, reactivated, and am still running at least 50 duplicates per task. I am not running multi-site, and I upgraded from 3.0.3. Just thought I would let you know. My site is so slow it is virtually unusable at the moment, so I think I will kep it deactivated for a bit! Thank you!

  106. Same as Diojr. My entries was duplicated for more than 50 times. And everything goes slow. When i try to delete the tables from the settings nothing happen. And i can’t find the tables in my database to manual-deleting them. Any ideas?

    • The tasks are now custom post types, so they’re in the posts table. I will look into seeing why they duplicated for you. Are you running multi-site? Which plugin version did you upgrade from?

      • Multisite is disabled. I upgraded from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3

        • Thanks for letting me know. You can clean out all todo items by doing the following:

          To remove all the to-do items, go to phpMyAdmin and to the SQL tab. Enter this command (replace wp with whatever your table prefix is):

          DELETE FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_type` = 'todo'

          To get rid of things in post_meta, enter the following commands into the SQL tab (individually):

          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_status'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_progress'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_assign'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_deadline'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_priority'

          Or they can be deleted individually by going to the Browse tab in phpMyAdmin for wp_posts and wp_postmeta, checking the boxes (or clicking Check All and then unchecking the ones you don’t want to delete), and clicking on the red X.

          Sorry about all the duplicates. I hate the mess this has caused for some people.

  107. Your newest update completely trashed my site, making response times around 3-5 minutes per page view, and making entrys copy themselves x 100000.

    I’m still trying to recover.

    Plugin gonna be deleted after this one. You need to test your updates, before making them public. Thank you.

    • I’m sorry about the serious issues you’re experiencing. Keep in mind that I do test my updates, but sometimes bugs happen. Especially with free software. It would be helpful if you provided some additional info such as what version you upgraded from, and if you’re running multi-site so I can fix this for other people.

      • I am not running multisite. I am running latest version of wordpress and upgraded from latest version of your plugin.

        Also, i tried upgrading to 3.0.6, and reactivating the plugin, but it still slows down the site to a point where is is unusable. Do i have to clean something up before i can use it again, and if so – how?

        If i delete the plugin, will the DB entries be deleted swell?

        • Thank you for the information.

          If you delete the plugin though the WordPress admin, the old database tables and all settings will be removed. The duplicated items or any new items will not be removed. To remove all the to-do items, go to phpMyAdmin and to the SQL tab. Enter this command (replace wp with whatever your table prefix is):

          DELETE FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_type` = 'todo'

          To get rid of things in post_meta, enter the following commands into the SQL tab (individually):

          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_status'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_progress'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_assign'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_deadline'
          DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = '_priority'

          If you decide to remove all the items and try adding a few new test items, please let me know if it still makes the site unusable. And let me know if you’re using categories and what list view (individual, group, or master).

          Again, I’m sorry for the mess the plugin created. It’s very disheartening to release something that breaks someone’s site.

          • Hey

            I used the phpMyAdmin commands as you said, deleted the plugin, reinstalled it, and it now seems to be working fine.

            I’m sorry for the harsh comment in here, but i was desperately trying to fix my site. We use your plugin every day, and love its features. I hope that you will keep working on it.

            Thank you.

  108. Upgraded. Now old stories are repeating. Tried removing the old tables, but they still exist. Where are the tasks stored now?

    • When I try to delete the completed tasks I get: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /opt/home/mobile1/public_html/news/inc/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1402

    • The tasks are now stored as custom post types, so they’re in the posts table. Which version did you upgrade from? Are you using multi-site?

  109. Sh*t!
    Your new update has removed all my tasks!
    Why did you do that?

  110. todolist in the widget where all showed only in the first category, and the wich one with the highest priority..

  111. I just updated it and nothing works anymore !! I got several errors like :

    Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #3 is not an array in //wp-content/plugins/cleverness-to-do-list/includes/cleverness-to-do-list-loader.class.php on line 22

    Some other errors like when updating TDL settings, and the list doesn’t show anymore on my dashboard… I’m on WP 3.3.1 ! Help me, please !

    • I’m taking a look at the code now to fix.

      • I deactivated then reactivated the plugin, it now works perfectly ! Thanks for your great job !

        • I had the same problem with the errors this morning and deactivated it – but thanks for the suggestion, Aurels … I re-activated it and everything works now.

          I’ve used this plugin myself for a long time now and I like the new features – especially the link in the admin bar.

          Keep up the great work!

  112. Looks like a great plugin! I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  113. Hi,
    I just updated the plugin but nothing works anymore!
    My entire list has disappeared (luckily I could get it from the db), but I can’t add anything new. In the settings (also everything I set before has disappeared), I enabled categories, date, deadlines, progress and users assignments, but nothing shows on the add new item page (I remember that it did in previous versions). If I try to add a new todo item, nothing happens. The tables are still present in my db. Is that what causes the problem? I don’t want to delete them unless I’m sure it’s ok…

  114. I am having problems adding some items. I have the list view set to individual in the setting and I can add new items when logged in under the admin. But when I login under any other user and click the “Add To-Do” button the input fields clear and the item is not added. Is there something I need to change in the settings to make it work right? Thanks.

  115. Does this plugin handle repeating tasks? For example, can I enter a task and select to repeat it every month?

  116. excellent plugin. Can you add a feature showing who finished each task?

  117. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin! its just what i wanted!

    i have 2 points to note however …

    1. right now you can assign tasks to users. some users may not have the privileges to assign tasks. when this happens, $assign variable is set to 0. this means, that the user will add a to do list item but wont see it in his list (since its assigned to none, not him) … therefore, i think it that if the user does not have the capability to assign tasks, it should be assigned to himself (after all he’s adding it to HIS OWN to do list!!)

    2. i think there is a slight problem with persisting $_POST variables … if a task is deleted for example and the page is refreshed an error comes up saying it could not delete item (since it tries to find the ID but the item was just deleted!)


  118. sorry, made a mistake.
    i wanted to say that it would be interesting when the field would accept it to use the “return”-Key to make a paragraph and so on.
    Now you have to type by hand all that HTML.
    regards axel

  119. Hi Cindy,
    thanx for that useful plugin.
    may i ask what to do to allow HTML in your plugin (output in Dashboard….)?
    It would be useful to use breaks or paragraphs or even a working link to get a better overview if the task has a bit more content than just one line.
    regards axel

  120. Hi! Is it or will it be possible to alter ID numbers for categories to allow for more sorting options? As I have added categories after the fact, it is no longer possible to sort them as they should be, and having the option to edit the ID number would solve that! LOVE this plugin!

  121. Juan Luis says:

    Hi Cindy, is it possible to show in the widget, only the task assigned to 1 user in the author.php template?


  122. Thank you Cindy. We will play with the beta version. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do.

  123. Hi Cindy,
    I am new to wordpress and I am using buddypress. I need a private to-do list for my members. I installed your plugin; everything is working awesome using the dashboard. However, I want to show a page with a shortcode as “My Todo”; I did use your shortcode and it lists the existing items. However, I want the user to have the ability to add, edit and delete in this page itself. What am I missing.
    Thank you,

  124. Howdy –

    Thanks for all your time and expertise in developing this plugin.

    I’ve been using this plugin, version 2.2.8 for a couple of months now and have a few questions:

    1.) When ‘table’ is selected, and you have asked that ‘completed items’ to be displayed [todolist type="table" completed="show"], the tables don’t align. Also, it’d be nice to label the list of ‘completed’ items differently and add some horizontal space between the two tables (I’ve been looking at your code and think I can add this manually). Is it possible to show only the completed items in the shortcode, i.e., [‘todolist type=”table” completed=’show’] so it only displays the completed content? I tried not to show the current non completed items and while I was successful at not showing all the options, the items themselves still show up. If I add item=”” then even the completed items disappear.

    2.) I am using the Suffusion theme and your widget apparently isn’t compatible; all I get is some text in the background which is covered over with a bunch of the theme’s bullet icons.

  125. I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to assign a task to more than one user. If two, or six, people have volunteered to–for example–clean up after the meeting, how can I select them all and have them show up in the “Assigned to” column?


    • You can only assign a task to one user right now. I’m working on a new version right now and will see about changing it.

  126. Hi can’t add more To-Do in WP 3.2. I have a lot of to-dos though — so think maybe that’s the problem?

  127. Hi – great plugin, but is there an issue with being able to assign the role of edit to a contibutor? I tried it at the lowest level with “manage options” and when I log in as a contributor I still do not have edit capability – keeps giving the message that I do not have sufficient access. this is on wordpress 3.1

  128. Hi, very good plugin.

    A few suggestions:
    1) Add an “Edit To-Do” link at the bottom of the widget AND the Admin Taskbar when viewing on the front end
    2) Like Google’s to-do list, let admin/user can check off the To-Do List on the front page (ajax?)

    Best regards.

  129. Cindy,

    Is it possible to add the adding and editing todo function to a page.

  130. Would be awesome if some of this features will be included in an update:
    * Send a notification when the deadline is almost reached
    * Sort on date added, assigned to etc. by click
    * Add a comment function

  131. hepman says:

    Dear All,

    is it possible to set a link or Permalink inside the ToDo textbox, that the link will be shown on the page?


    Best Hepman

  132. I get “security check failed” when I add a category or task. I have wordpress 3.1.1

    • What settings are you using? Is it an admin user? I haven’t been able to replicate the issue yet.

      • Hi Cindy,

        I have the same problem.
        But I am running it on WordPress MU (I guess Alex and Kathy as well?). The plugin is activated as “Network activate” for all sites and when I then try and add a task on a single site, it gives me “security check failed”
        I run WP 3.1.1

        • Thanks for providing that info. I was able to reproduce the problem, so I will have a fix soon hopefully.

          • The problem only occurs when Cleverness To-To List is “network activated”. Activating the plugin on a per site basis works fine (doh!). So I guess thats that. Would be nice if “network activate” would work, but that is not really an issue in my opinion.

  133. Error when adding a category – get message “Security Check Failed”

    • Is there anything else you can tell me about your WP install or To-Do List settings? I haven’t been able to produce the error yet.

  134. It seems the tasks are not being ordered by date…but only by the order I entered them (after the default priority, of course). It does seem to order them by month only, regardless of the entry order, but I really need the items ordered by specific due date, month and day. I’m wondering how to get the to-do items to order by due date, with the earliest due date shown before the later due dates…


  135. Thanks for the excellent plugin. It has been most useful for me.

    Just one small enhancement request:
    Make it honor line breaks/carriage returns for an entered task.
    I have been manually entering the html br tag for this but it is a bit of a pain and not feasible for the contributers.

  136. Hi,

    I installed this plugin on through wordpress and activated it. Having updated the settings I went to the dashboard but the To Do list is not there…is there something I have missed or am doing wrong?

  137. Is there a way to list the Completed items on the list as a strike through or grayed out?

  138. hello, i have some trouble with the to-do list plugin.
    the problem is that i cant write in hebrew, when i write in hebrew i see only question marks. i tried to change the format of the php files to utf8 but it dosent change.

  139. This was exactly what i was looking for, great stuff! I did modify it a bit since we don’t assign tasks to people outright. Once a task is checked, it is assigned to the checker and is assigned the appropriate deadline.

  140. Really nice plugin with a lot of capabilities.
    Here is my comments:

    * I would also suggest to have possibility to comment tasks.
    * Can’t really understand difference between Master list and Group List. What is “individual completing of items”?
    * There is a “Show Each User Only Their Assigned Tasks”, so if user1 and task for user2, he won’t see this task and can change it. It would be nice to have something like “Show Each User their added tasks” too.

    Thank you.

  141. yeah,I just thought you may want to realize that your blog is messed up when you view it on my iphone. I?m not certain if it has something to accomplish with my telephone?s browser or your site? just declaring…

  142. David Schwartz says:

    I’m enjoying using this, but I’m wishing there was more. Here are some ideas I’ve had:

    * Add a “step#” field (integer) so it’s easier to add things that need to be done in an order. Ensure they’re displayed in order regardless of the sort order selected. You have to prefix names with numbers and sort alphabetically to get it, but if you sort by Categories, they show up backwards or mixed up.

    * Primary and secondary sort orders would be good to have, esp. if sorting by category.

    * Add the notion of a “task” that consists of several sub-task items. Allow a pre-defined task to be added to the To-Do list, which brings in all of the sub-task items. The completion percentage would be calculated automatically based on how many of the sub-tasks were done. So with 5 subtasks, one finished = 20% done; two = 40% done, and so on.

    * Add the ability to add a comment block to each item.

    * Add the ability to change the font attributes like color, size, weight, etc., for the three priorities (besides just the label).

    * Allow the priorities to be defined as a list by the admin in the Settings panel, so there can be more than just three.

  143. David Schwartz says:

    Adding a new To-Do with a question-mark in the text (at the end) generates a strange error. I get a browser error saying the server is not available.

    • David Schwartz says:

      it seems to be sensitive to other words and/or phrases being entered as well. You probably need to make sure the text in the edit box is properly quoted.

    • David Schwartz says:

      Sometimes this will just go out-to-lunch when adding or editing an item. It’ll take 10+ seconds to return, and sometimes it’ll show that same browser error. (I’m on WP 3.0.2 on a Linux box.)

    • David Schwartz says:

      an inline editor (a la “Quick Edit”) would be handy.

  144. Hi,

    this is exactly what I’m looking for.

    I’m using the latest WP (3.0.2) and it’s great BUT I can’t figure out how to display the list of things that are “done” without a table.

    I get the list of things to-do with bullets and I get the title of things that are done, but none of the items will display.

    This is what I have :

    [todolist title="To Do list:" type="list" completed_title="Done:" completed="show" list_type="ul"]


  145. As some of the other users have mentioned, I would also support the idea of a front end view allowing users to add and manage their own to do lists privately rather than going to the back end to do it. Thanks!

  146. I’m experiencing the same thing as Jazoja … had to go into the files and rename the Cleverness To-Do List folder to get my site to work again…

  147. Auto updated to version 2.2.6.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/iszkaszentgyorgy/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cleverness-to-do-list/cleverness-to-do-list-functions.php on line 45

  148. The possibility to edit the from & subject fields in e-mail should be great.
    When the Blog name is very long, it’s not really pretty.

  149. Is there the ability for the to-do-list to respect say a clickable hyperlink in the to do list description? When I make a new to do list item, I want to put a weblink in the text of it. I tried html and it didnt seem to take, anyone else have any ideas?

    • This is fixed, I was on V2.2 when I wrote this, V 2.2.2 or later includes the ability to put html in the to-do-list comments and works fine.

  150. I receive “There was a problem adding the item to the database.” when trying to add an item.

    • Do you happen to be a Windows server? Someone else has informed of a problem on theirs.

      If not, and you are able to look at the database, check that all the tables and fields that should be there are there. You can see what they should be in cleverness-todo-list-functions.php, near the bottom.

      If they’re all correct, please give me some information about your WordPress version and PHP version, and also let me know if this is a new install or it started occurring after an update.

      • Windows server. Looking at the database, all three tables were correctly created. PHP version is 5.2.3. WP version is 3.0.1.

        This is a new install of the plugin.

        • New bit of information: I am not sure whether I simply missed it before or not but the following appears at the top of the screen when trying to add values:

          WordPress database error: [Out of range value adjusted for column ‘assign’ at row 1]
          INSERT INTO `wp_SM_todolist` (`author`,`status`,`priority`,`todotext`,`assign`,`deadline`,`progress`,`cat_id`) VALUES (‘1′,’0′,’1′,’test’,”,”,”,’0′)

          I’ve also seen this with progress instead of assign when I tried assigning ToDo items. Is the table set to accept nulls?

        • One more twist, if I enable assign task and show progress, then I can add tasks but if either of those options are disabled I get the error message I posted earlier.

        • Thank you for all the info. I’ve made an attempt at fixing the problem in the newest version, although I don’t know if it will work.

          • Using default settings:

            WordPress database error: [Out of range value adjusted for column ‘assign’ at row 1]
            INSERT INTO `wp_SB_todolist` (`author`,`status`,`priority`,`todotext`,`assign`,`deadline`,`progress`,`cat_id`) VALUES (‘1′,’0′,’1′,’test’,”,”,”,’4′)

            Changed assign to users to YES

            WordPress database error: [Out of range value adjusted for column ‘progress’ at row 1]
            INSERT INTO `wp_SB_todolist` (`author`,`status`,`priority`,`todotext`,`assign`,`deadline`,`progress`,`cat_id`) VALUES (‘1′,’0′,’1′,’test’,’-1′,”,”,’4′)

            Show progress set to YES

            Item added as expected. Note that I do not have to actually assign any progress nor do I have to assign to a user. So it functions well as expected once I set assign to user and show progress to YES.

            Plugin v 2.2.5

          • v2.2.7 works like a charm, thank you!

  151. Hey, thanks for adding the ability to show only individual lists on the frontend with the shortcode.

    But is there a way I can still assign tasks to users?

  152. I can’t seem to make the front=end private by user access only. I have it set to the individual list, so it should only show each user their own tasks correct? Any suggestions?

    • By front end, do you mean using the widget or shortcode? If so, it will show all items.

      • What I mean is that when I place the shortcode, for the frontend view, the group list is showing up even if I’m not logged in. I checked off the option to show each user ‘only their own list’ but it’s showing the whole list….

        Any Suggestions?

  153. I added a possibility to sort the Items on Assigned person btw:
    <option value="assign">

    Add that piece of code in cleverness-to-do-list-options.php on line 84. Ive added it in version 2.1.5 on wordpress 3.0.1

    Hope its usefull.

  154. Im using your plugin on a local site (so not on a published site) and i am having a problem with the mailing:

    i’ve implemented a SMTP mailing protocol so it can send mail via an excisting domain, except i dont recieve the mails from this plugin when i assign a To do item.

    Is there a way to make it compatible with this plugin: http://coffee2code.com/wp-plugins/configure-smtp/

    Thanks in advance

    • Do you happen to use any other plugins on that site that also send mail and do work?

      I’ll need to look into how other plugins handle mailing things.

    • I’ve looked and I’m using the wp_mail() function, which seems to be the correct way to do it.

      • I do believe that would be the correct way to do it.
        The problem is that i still dont get my assigned to-do items mailed to me.

        I know my mail system works because i do get a summary of created posts every day in my mail. This is done via this plugin:

        I hope that might help.

        • In the latest version, I’ve added some new error messages. Let me know what message is returned when you try to email an item. That will help me narrow down where that function is failing.

          • Ive updated to 2.2.5, and the announcement it gives me when i add the to-do item is: The email failed to send to the assigned user. New To-Do item has been added.

            And i am still able to send mail via any other plugin …. I hope it helps.

  155. hey there
    I need this plugin to have edit/complete/add from front end.
    Can you tell me what exactly to do?
    I mean, programming-wise, as I have to use it for myself as well and probably help you as well?
    I must confess I dont know buddy press plugins at all and have no idea what is it to do
    can you tell me in short what it is to be done and which file to affect?

    • I don’t know how easy it will be, as it’s designed to work from the backend. The files you would need to edit are the functions file, and then add new code for a shortcode or widget for the frontend to display and call the functions for adding/completing.

  156. I sent you a private e-mail, but here is a request in the comments.

    I like your wordpress to-do plugin. I would like the ability to give every user (like the group settings) the same to-do list, but let them check off there progress, without it effect the global to-do list. basically, as admin I want to make a “master” list, that gets sent to each user, and they can check off the progress of that list, without it changing or updating anyone eases list except for theirs.
    I would like it to also respect all of your current permission settings. My idea is this, I would like to have my master list, and I only give the users permissions to check the items to finished and thats it. every users goes through the list at there own pace, and that list is only editable by them (they can check stuff to done). If I wish to add stuff to the master list, it will also add it to each users list. Let me know if this is possible.

  157. Hi Cindy, have you given any thought of incorporating your To-Do plugin into Buddypress, so that to-dos can registered in the activity stream, show up on individual member pages and have a front-end to-do editor to add a new to-do, edit existing to-dos, and mark a a to-do completed, all without having to go into the admin?

    Would be a killer feature.

  158. Hello,
    thank you for the wonderful plugin. I use it as a group To-Do-List and assign tasks to group members. The Dashboard shows this very pretty. The widget though doesn’t seem to show the person who got the task assigned. I tried different settings with no success. The widget shows category, task description and progress. Not the person.

    I am running the P2 theme on Wp3.0.1 on Apache server PHP5.3. Any idea where I should look for debugging?

    Again my warm thank’s for the good work.

  159. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you very much for this very useful plugin. I love it!
    I will try to create a dutch translation for you some time in the next few weeks.

    I have one small (tiny) issue I’m running into:
    When I try to save changes to the settings, I get a ‘You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.’ message.
    URL – http://mysite/wp-admin/admin.php?page=cleverness-to-do-list-options%3Fpage%3Dcleverness-to-do-list-options&updated=true

    The changes in the settings *are* saved correctly, so there’s no problem there. It is just strange to get that message when all should be fine.

    Login in with admin rights.
    WordPress v 3.0.1
    Plugin v 2.1.3

    • Thank you πŸ™‚

      I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but will keep in mind that it’s happening when I next work on the plugin.

  160. Would like the option to hit “return.” instead of listing everything in one big line.

    Also the ability to recognize links and add an href automatically would be nice.

  161. Hi. I’m using the plugin on a couple of other sites with no problems at all and find it very useful. However my new install is not adding todos and giving me the following message: “There was a problem adding the item to the database.”
    I’m running WordPress Version 3.0.1, PHP Version 5.2.10and mySQL Version 5.1.38-community.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    • I’m unable to test on those exact PHP and mySQL versions, but on PHP 5.3 and mySQL 5.1.39 and WP 3.0.1, it is working correctly on a new install for me.

      Have you tried deactivating, deleting, and then reinstalling the plugin?

      The problem may be it isn’t creating the database tables needed.

      • Same problem over here. I tried deactivating, deleting, and then reinstalling the plugin with no success. I also tried editing the default task and I get “There was a problem editing the item” when I try saving. Categories can be created though. WordPress 3.0, PHP 5.2.13 and mySQL 5.0.51.

        • Well, that is odd. It must be creating the tables if the default item is there. And with categories working okay…
          I’ll need to take a look at the code that adds and edits tasks.

          • First, let me thank you for the wonderful plugin. I love how simply it works and I also enjoy the clean look of it.

            I have installed it on recup-o-jouets.com and it is working without a problem. The domain is on an Apache server running MySQL 5.0.90, PHP 5.2.13 and WordPress 2.9.2.

            The server I mentionned previously is running on windows server 2003, I had to painstakingly setup quite a few things manually on it to have wordpress work. I would tend to blame my server setup for the plugin failure but wouldn’t know what to tweak to fix it.

            Two things that could improve the plugin: typing an apostrophe in a task description adds a backslash to the final text when the item is added. Also, it would be an added bonus if it was possible to assign a task to multiple users at once.

            Thanks for the quality work.

          • I just want to add that when I mentioned Windows Server 2003, I meant 2008. Also, one strange thing I noted, and I don’t know if it is related to my other problem, there is no “assign to” user list field when I create a new task or edit the default task. I went and checked the wp_todolist DB with phpmyadmin and there is an “assign” column, but it is “NULL”.

  162. First off, great plugin! I have a problem with backslashes being added to apostrophes in the item box. ie: when I type “I’m” it displays it as “I’m”

    Also, I was wondering if you plan to let users assign “unassigned” items to themselves (and only themselves).

    I am using it as a queue system. An admin post to-do items unassigned, which all users can see. I would like authors to be able to “check off” that they want it. Then, it gets assigned to them, which only they (and the admin) can see. All other authors can only see unassigned posts and posts assigned to them. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the bug notice. I’ll try to get that fixed soon.

      That’s an interesting feature possibility. I’ll look into, but August is looking pretty busy at the moment.

  163. Hi, thanks for the great plugin! Everything works fine, but I have a problem when using the shortcode.

    You can see it here: http://www.amazingreaders.net/indice-prenotazioni/

    Basically when I created the page, I placed the shortcode after a few paragraphs explaining how to use the page. But the list appears before my text!
    I’d like to have the text before the list, actually – I tried deleting the cache and everything but still, the list is before the text. How can I fix this?

    • Thanks for letting me know about this. There was an issue with the shortcode code. I’ve fixed it and will be releasing a new version tonight.

  164. Hi Cindy

    Just done the upgrade to v2.1 and about half way through the assigning groups I viewed the dashboard – it only shows items that are not assigned to groups when the “All” setting is chosen for which groups to display.

    I’ve messed around with things like only show users their own items and so forth, and it seems to be pretty constant – it’s as if the “All” selection is only for returning items with no assigned group.

    I’ve had to turn groups off for now – but look forward to it being fixed – in this instance, because it’s on a site where I’m the admin and site builder, but the client is the content creator / editor and we have a bunch of other editors due to it being multi-lingual, so the plugin is great for assigning tasks to them.

    Thought I’d best let you know about this ASAP


    • I’m having some trouble recreating the problem.

      When the Dashboard Category is set to ‘All’ for me, it’s behaving as expected and returning all the categories.

      If you set the Dashboard to a specific category, does it display the correct category?

      You said you changed some of the settings and it still behaved the same. Was there any settings you were leaving the same? I’m assuming possibly the Category, Group View, and Assign Tasks to Users settings?

  165. How can i use the shortcode? I would like to create a separate site for the todo list and have no idea how to do.

  166. Hi, thanks for the great plugin! I’ve been looking for something like that for ages!
    I’m running the plugin on WP 3 and everything’s ok, I just have a question: I run a book review blog and I’d like to have a page with a list of all uncompleted reviews, sorted alphabetically, no matter the priority. I know that someone already asked about the alphabetical order; I just wanted to ask you if there’s a code I may have to add to have it as soon as possible.
    Thank you anyway!

    • Just another little idea I had πŸ™‚
      Is it possible to personalize the email that can be sent to assigned users? Maybe in the settings? To change it a bit I have to modify the plugin file, but every time that I update I have to do it again. Just an idea πŸ˜‰

      • That is a good idea πŸ™‚ I will add it in the version after next (I have the next version about 85% complete)

      • I’ve completed this feature and it will be in the version I’m releasing tonight. Let me know if it needs any adjusting.

    • You can edit the SQL statement to order by the to-do field:
      Assuming you want to use the shortcode –
      find where it says:
      $sql = “SELECT * FROM $table_name WHERE status = 0 ORDER BY priority”;
      and replace priority with todotext.

  167. ratoune2008 says:

    Thanks for this plugin ! I’m a new user of WP and so on … so I don’t know exactly where the problem I have comes from :
    – I’ve installed the Cleverness To-Do List as usual, using a FTP.
    – in my dashboard, the Cleverness plugin doesn’t appear (nor in Tools, nor in Plugins)
    – when I want to intall it directly from the Plugin Panel, as it is possible too, it is checked as installed yet.

    Is it a problem
    – with WP 3 ?
    – with my theme configuration(Headlines, from Woothemes) ?
    – with another plugin (I use WPML, WP.com stats, Really simple catcha, Members, Google XLM Sitemap, Contact Form 7, Akismet, Add to any)?

    Thanks for your help !

    • I will have to look into that more.

      Does the plugin work if you disable the other plugins or use the default theme?

  168. Running 2.9.2 and tested on two systems, a Contributor is not included in abilities to use the task system.

    Great plugin other than that, exactly what I needed!

  169. I absolutely love the plugin, but I have two questions:
    1) Is it possible to display not only the posts you are assigned to, but the (yet) unassigned posts as well.
    2) Is it possible to order the items in the important, low and normal group in alphabetic order. This is not a huge problem fur sure (just a compulsion).

  170. echo ‘a href =”http:// www. website .com /wp-admin/tools.php?page=cleverness-to-do-list#addtd”>confirm/edit/add<

  171. hi.. i want to edit/add/confirm the to-do-list via the widget.. is that possible?

    or where in the php-files do i need to place this pice of code?

    echo ‘Confirm/Edit/add‘;

    i tried, but im no good in php πŸ™

    thanks for reply

  172. Can this plugin be modified to allow plain lists. I want to put up a list on my sidebar that I can manually add Bailees Friends as they appear. Too much?

    • You may have better luck just using a plain text widget in your sidebar for that. This is more designed for things you need to check off.

  173. Hi there,

    I installed your great plugin but it appears at the bottom of my dashboard. I can’t seem to move it to the top/right which is where I would like to place it.

  174. First, thanks for sharing this, it adds some great admin functionality. I’m having a small problem getting it working though. It installs okay, and I can access the configuration, but when I try to add an item, when I click “Add Item” I get a blank page that says “Security Check” and nothing gets added. Any ideas? Could it be a permissions problem on my server?

    • That is due to the WordPress nonce check. When you fill out the form, it passes a nonce value in the form to the plugin, which checks it before adding/editing an item to make sure it really came from WordPress.

      What version of WordPress are you using?

      I’ll need to look into why it would fail for a valid attempt.

      • I’m using 2.9.2

        I also have a metric ton of other plugins installed, could one of them be conflicting with it, or would that not produce this kind of error?

        • Try version 2.0.3 of the plugin. I had accidently put a nonce check in the wrong place when moving things around earlier this week, plus I added some code to make sure the value was passed to the function correctly.

  175. Aha! I think the real culprit here is the Maintenance Mode plugin. I had ToDo List deactivated and was working in slidepress, when my menus disappeared again. I know that a lot of things have difficulty in communicating when Maintenance Mode is activated, so, I deactivated it, then decided to try the combination of ToDo and Slidepress again, and voila, they are fine together … so far anyway … with maintenance mode deactivated. So sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase, and thank you so much again for this great bundle of coding.

    • Glad you got it figured out πŸ™‚ I did come with a permission error on the SlidePress plugins setting page when my plugin was activated though, so it wasn’t just a wild goose chase.

  176. Well, darnit, I spoke too soon again, I’m sorry. This time it appears to be a conflict with Slidepress, and it’s a little baffling to me. Whenever I activate ToDoList, some of the menu options in that plugin disappear. Very odd. Any ideas?

    • It looks like it was caused by having require_once for pluggable.php (in the wp-includes directory) in the main body of the plugin. It seems to work after moving it inside functions for version 2.0.2

      • Excellent and prompt as usual, will test now and report back πŸ˜‰

        • Just updated to the latest and activated, but, got the same result. Half of the options in the Slidepress menu disappeared. Very strange huh? If you’d like to take a look ( I’m in development ), if it would help just email me and I will give you a login okay ~

  177. Congratulations! It was worth the wait, and is now working beautifully in 3.0. Thank you so much for all of your prompt attention and hard work on this great plugin~

  178. Whenever I try to edit or delete another user’s to-do item, it says “There was a problem edit the item.” and “There was a problem deleting the item.” respectively. Is there any way to solve this?

    • I’ve released a bug fix tonight for that, version 2.0.1. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      • How do I get the bug fix?

        I just installed your plugin. When I try to edit I’m taken to the “To-Do Items and Delete Items page. I’m getting the error message “There was a problem editing the item.

        What do I do to fix this? Thanks.

        • That message will appear when you are editing an item and do not change any values. What field were you changing in the edit window, so I can test?

  179. Hi there!

    I was wondering if it is somehow possible (it is, but I lack the skill) to add more fields to the todo-list?

    The thing is that I am looking for an application/program/whatever to handle our orders. For example:

    One of our customers order an item. I type in the order in the todo-list, I want to add the customer’s name, number and where we order the item from. I then want to be able to sort my todo-list based on: Current status (not completed/item ordered/item delivered to customer), Customer name and the name of the company that we order from.

    If that is possible I would very much see it implemented. Or if anyone can hint me in the right direction as to how to edit this plugin for my purpose.

    • This is not something I would be adding to this plugin, although it gives me an idea for an Order Management plugin as a possible future plugin to develop.

      In order to add new fields to the list, you will need to edit the switch statements for adding and editing an item along with the functions that perform the actual database work. You will need to edit the install function to add the new fields to the database table. And the new fields would need to be added to the HTML forms to add and edit an item. Sorting the items would be done by changing the SQL statement that selects the item for display.

  180. Upekshapriya says:

    Thanks for your work on this – great plugin. However I’ve just found that it appears to conflict with ‘Dashboard Heaven’ plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dashboard-heaven/ which hides all the default dashboard widgets – the to-do list doesn’t show in the Dashboard when ‘Dashboard Heaven’ is activated.

    Another dashboard widget that I’ve added with a plugin works fine (Dashboard Post-It http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dashboard-post-it/) – it would be great if ‘Dashboard Heaven’ and ‘Cleverness To-Do List’ worked well together πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚ I will take a look sometime to see why it isn’t working with that plugin.

  181. Hello,

    I’ve just installed your plugin and I think it will work great for my sales people to indicate which sales categories they have completed.

    However, I think a great addition to your plugin would be a small place next to the to-do item for notes. That might be a huge request.

    Thanks in advance for considering it, and great work on the plugin!


  182. I am not able to get items to save – I add an item it says it has added, but it is not inserted into the database. I have tried many things including removing/uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. I am not sure why it would show me everything and tell me it is adding when it is not.

    I did add one manually to the DB and then I could see it fine, delete it, but can’t create one through the UI.

    Also, on the ROLES option you state ‘admin’ where I believe the default role is ‘Administrator’.

    Please let me know what else I can try to make this work.

    Thank you,

    • Are you using WordPress 2.9.2? Which PHP version are you using?

      I’m going to be modifying how the plugin works (on the code side) next month, since the way the original authors did it is not the best way.

      I’ll look into it to see if I can spot the problem and will release a bug fix if I find it, but in any case version 2.0, released by the end of April, should work better.

  183. Great plugin!
    But I found a little mistake in translation:
    On the “Lists To-Do Items”, can not be translated item “None” (it is in the file cleverness-to-do-list.php) in the form of selecting a performer.
    Also, when you are on the “cleverness-to-do-list” settings page, the main menu of WordPress, you see that at the same time marked two items “Settings” and “Tools”, although it should be marked only to “Settings”.
    Sorry for my lame English.

  184. Great plugin!
    But I found a little mistake in translation:
    On the “Lists To-Do Items”, can not be translated item “None” (it is in the file cleverness-to-do-list.php) in the form of selecting a performer.
    Also, when you are on the “cleverness-to-do-list” settings page, the main menu of WordPress, you see that at the same time marked two items “Settings” and “Tools”, although it should be marked only to “Settings”.
    Sorry for my lame English.

  185. Hi and thank you for this plugin. πŸ™‚ I’ve found it very useful. I’ve been using it for a few days from the admin panel without a problem.

    Today, I decided to give the shortcode a try and display the list in a page. When I went to save the page, I got the following error message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at [my blog address stuff]…/wp-content/plugins/cleverness-to-do-list/cleverness-to-do-list.php:725)

    Oddly enough, the page did save, which I saw when I went back to look at the page again after exiting the tab with the error. Also, the table displays on the front end of the blog without the error. I hope that helps to pin down the cause of the error. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you need any more info.

    Thanks again!


  186. I am having trouble with the latest release, 1.5.
    I click to add a new to do list the message pops up saying “New To-Do item has been added.” but nothing is actually added.

    • No table has been created in my database for this install (clean install of this plugin, no prior version) hence probably why nothing gets added.

  187. Hi i hade some trouble with the install proc. regarding creation of database table, i had to make changes to the method “cleverness_todo_install” ( see below) this has to do with the “UNIQUE” keyword on the ‘id’ field.

    // New query
    CREATE TABLE wp_todolist (
    author bigint(20) NOT NULL,
    status tinyint(1) DEFAULT ‘0’ NOT NULL,
    priority tinyint(1) NOT NULL,
    todotext text NOT NULL,
    assign int(10),
    progress int(3),
    deadline varchar(30),
    completed timestamp


  188. Hi,
    I would like to use this plugin with the P2 theme (who allow user to post from frontend like twitter for example, so is there a way to add tasks from blog frontend ?

    • Currently there is no way to add the tasks from the front end. I don’t think the way the original authors designed the plugin will allow it to be accessed like that.

  189. Hi It seems I have discovered an shortcoming of this plugin. I was wondering maybe if you could help. I am using the Capability Manager/Role Manager plugin and have created a separate class of users (different from Editors and Authors) called Publishers. However, none of the users from that usergroup show up in your plugin – as a result I am unable to assign any tasks to them.

    Is there a way to fix this? Please let me know. Would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

    • I didn’t consider that possibility. I will figure out a better way to select which users to show hopefully in the near future.

      In the meantime, if you are comfortable editing the plugin file, you can try adding the following at line 571 in cleverness-to-do-list.php:

      $publishers = cleverness_todo_get_users('publishers');
      	foreach($publishers as $publisher){
      		$user_info = get_userdata($publisher);
      		echo '<option value="'.$publisher.'">'.$user_info->display_name.'</option>';

      I am not entirely sure this will work with the custom defined roles or not.

      • Hi Cindy,

        Thanks for your prompt response! Really appreciated it.

        I was able to successfully get it to work using your hack. Just one change, instead of ‘publishers’ in the cleverness_todo_get_users function I used publisher.

        Thanks a lot, this is a great plugin, and I am really thankful to you for creating this.

  190. Great plugin.
    Is there a way to still display completed items on the to do list.
    I’m using the to do list on a page and would like to to display current items and also completed items. Ontop of this would it then be possible to display a “date completed” on the completed to do list which is then listed by date completed.

    • I have played around with the plugin and the PHP, and have used the Deadline Date to act as a Completed date (ideally want both), I also managed (don’t know if correctly, not very good with PHP) for it to output to do and completed on my page, I just cant seem to get them ordered by date.
      I have also changed the view type to list (didnt like table) and (again not sure if done correctly) outputted more than just the item.
      Please see link for example what I have done.

      Kind Regards

      • I will add a completed field on the next update I do and also include the option to display the additonal info for list view. I can also add the option to show completed and will try to get them to sort by date.

        It says I do not have permission to view that page on your site. Feel free to send a screenshot at cindy@cleverness.org if you want.

  191. Hello dear Cleverness

    I installed your plugin on both websites. 1 did well but other was returning an error after activating it in the plugin menu, it , i had no permissions <<< thats weird, both profiles i use have adminstatus.
    Please could you help me out to fix this issue?

    thanks in advance
    www,argusoog.org + http://www.argusoogradio.org

    • Are both sites using the same version of WordPress? If not, what version is the one that isn’t working? Are there any differences between the two websites, such as a different host for one?

      • Hello Cindy

        thanx for the reply

        Yes both sites are using wordpress version 2.9.2. Using same sourcedrive. Same profiles.


  192. Hi there. Love the plugin. Haven’t actually used it yet, as I’m hoping to include it on a client site I’m building right now, but, have read all about it and very excited to offer the functions you’ve included to them. I am building right now using the latest development version and the new default theme, so, should be able to give you some good feedback, first of which is … just upgraded to your latest version and activated for the first time. Everything looks good, except that when I click the submit to add a new item, nothing happens, and when I click the delete on the default to do item, it appears that I am being redirected to the same page ( item still there, stylesheet gone ). I’m figuring that this must have something to do with the form actions, but, haven’t looked into your code myself. Just wanted to give you the quick heads up. Feel free to contact me at my email address if you want to troubleshoot. The install I’m working on right now will be the default n about 60 days, so …. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to start looking into making the plugin work with the 3.0 version sometime next month.

      • Thanks for the response Cindy. Just wanted to let you know that I installed the latest version and experienced the same issue. I’m thinking it has less to do with the version and more to do with not being installed in the root. I have WP in it’s own directory on the server, and with the little knowledge that I have, I went hunting to try to debug what causes the weird issue, and perhaps it has to do with the form actions? It seems that they are all referencing a direct url query that is maybe not working because of this expectation? Just a thought~ Looking forward to it working with the site I’m currently building~

        • Thank you for that info. Yes, that must be the problem. I’ve attempted to fix it in 1.5.1, but I’m not sure if I’m using the right option to get the URL. Let me know if I got it right, if not I’ll keep looking for the right one.

        • I found out today that it is a problem with 3.0, although there was also a bug with having WP in its own directory in 2.9.2.

  193. Thanks for this great plugin. I found it really easy and usefull.

    I have traslate it to Spanish. Please let me know if you want to include the translation on the plugin.

    Best regards.

  194. I am loving the plugin EXCEPT it’s missing one thing. Email notification. My users don’t log in daily and with a website like mine the timing matters on when a new post goes up. Can you implement some sort of email notification that goes out to notify them that they do indeed have a task waiting for them to be done.

  195. Great plugin! A feature suggestion, it would be neat if users could somehow indicate the progress on the individual to-do item. Either a text field where they can enter a number (to indicate the %) or perhaps a dropdown with the numbers 5,10,15,20,25,30 etc up to 100%.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  196. Hi,

    Judging from the comments it looks like the To Do List only functions within the Dashboard (Admin) section. Is there a timeline as to when the plugin will be available to be viewed by the entire site/blog?


    • I do plan to add a sidebar widget and shortcode so that the list can be placed into pages/posts. I would like to have this completed by the end of the month, if not sooner.

  197. Love it! but still not getting my items to mark complete. I can check it off, the screen refresh’s and says the item has been marked complete; however, my completed Items is still empty and the item is stil in the main to-do. Upgraded 1.3.1 with WP 2.9.1.


    • I am having the same issue as Christ on the most recent WordPress version (2.9.2) and your most recent version of plugin. Not getting my items to mark complete. I can check it off, the screen refresh’s and says the item has been marked complete; however, my completed Items is still empty and the item is stil in the main to-do.

  198. Hi,

    This plugin looks really handy. I tried to install version 1.3 on wp 2.9.1, using the wp web-based plugin management, but I got this error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/allth7/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/cleverness-to-do-list/cleverness-to-do-list.php on line 392

    Any idea what the problem is? Do I need to manually install it?


  199. A Feature Suggestion – an option to write To-Do lists with some formatting…so a option of having a TinyMCE Editor for writing to-do lists would be great.

  200. The plug-in works well, but I don’t want it to be available to the entire readership of the site – just the Contributors and Authors.

    Therefore, when using the ‘assign’ option, the list of users should only be those above Subscriber level. It is taking so long to scroll through our thousands of subscribers to get to the authors that it makes the ‘assign’ feature – this plug-in’s real selling point – unusable.

    If you could fix that issue and add in some deadline info too (complete by date), it would be perfect.

  201. Hey, there, just downloaded and installed your plugin. Seems nice, best todo-list I’ve found for wordpress so far…

    However, one kind of strange thing happened after installing it… The dashboard thingy seems to mock a bit with the other stuff in the dashboard. This only seems to happen when I have two or more columns in the dashboard… The stuff in the second colums get their headers chopped in half, and some links get underscores and stuff. This is how it looks:

    but anyways, cheers!
    /oscar, sweden

  202. I just installed your plugin – right after your posting on 1-27 it looks like. using wp 2.9.1 It loaded and shows on the dashboard and under tools but it is not adding items.

    The priority drop down shows up.

    the website is a test one that I am developing at http://www.oldschool.rradvice.com

    • Thanks for letting me know. The table wasn’t being created when the plugin was activated, due to the old code still calling the file incorrectly.

      I’ve fixed it so now when the plugin is activated, the table should install and items can now be added.

      I’ve replaced the download with the fixed version.

      • Thanks, that did it.

        id author status priority todotext
        Edit Delete 1 1 0 1 Add your first To-Do List item
        Edit Delete 2 1 1 1 test item – done

        If you are taking feature suggestions,

        the idea is for sites with a couple of authors / admins to have a super simple group task manager.

        the ability to select making the plugin available site wide to users based on role (ie authors and above)

        In other words one todo list for all authors, maybe tagging each item with user id/name that created it.

        or maybe just the ability to make the individual’s todo list viewable by others in the dashboard.

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