Smashing WordPress Review

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Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog (Smashing Magazine Book Series) by Thord Daniel Hedengren This is not a book for beginners. You should know HTML and CSS (and some basic PHP) and be comfortable with editing files. I’ve used the loop before for custom queries, but I found the way he explained it easier to comprehend than other explanations I’ve read. I felt like some of the code displayed in the book was unnecessary, especially most of the CSS. There were a few things I would have liked to see the code for that weren’t shown, mainly in the second half of the book. I would...

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WebCEO on Sale Now!

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The SEO software, Web CEO that I posted a review of recently is now on sale. This sale only lasts till June 12th and is a huge discount if you’ve been thinking of buying this software. SmallBiz Unleased is 62% off and Professional Unleased is 52% off. You get the software plus training and...

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Web CEO – SEO Software Review

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Do you need software for search engine optimization? Not really. But is is easier and more convenient with it? Yes. It’s like using Notepad to code versus using an editor with features like code folding and syntax highlighting. I tried out several different free editions of SEO software, but the only one I liked was Web CEO. It comes in several editions, including one free and two paid options. Even the free one comes with a basic SEO training course that ends in a certification. I took the free certification course myself and ended up learning some things I didn’t know about...

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Show number of posts in a category

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Tonight I needed to figure out how to display the number of posts that were in a specific category. This post on Getting the number of posts per category showed me how to do that. This goes into your template where you want the number to appear: <?php echo get_category_by_slug('category-slug')->category_count; ?> Replace category-slug with the slug of your category.

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Favorite Firefox Addons

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There are a lot of great Firefox Addons available. Some can help you in developing your WordPress site and some just make your browsing experience better. Addon Name URL Description Adblock Plus Website Ads were yesterday! Backgroundimage Saver Website Save or View Backgroundimages (even if they are protected by hiding behind transparent Gifs). CodeBurner for Firebug Website Extends Firebug with reference material for HTML and CSS ColorZilla Website Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies Delicious Bookmarks Website Access your bookmarks wherever you go and...

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Replacing Core Functions

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Replacing template core functions is easy and doesn’t require editing core files. Copy the code for that function to functions.php in your theme, change the function name, and call it in your template using it’s new name.

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