Widget CSS Classes 1.3.0

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Widget CSS Classes (1348 downloads)


  • Feature: Change dropdown to checkboxes for multiple class selection
  • Feature: Option to use both predefined and text input classes
  • Feature: Migrate classes when predefined classes are available
  • Improvement: Do not show previously defined classes that are removed in the settings page when a widget is not updated yet
  • Fix: Only show stored classes if the field-type in the setting page is correct
  • Fix: When predefined is selected, show previous text input classes if they are defined
  • Fix: Ids index notice
  • i18n: Added Dutch translation by [Jory Hogeveen at Keraweb](https://www.keraweb.nl/)
  • i18n: Added Russian translation by Наталия Завьялова
  • i18n: Added Swedish translation by [Olle Gustafsson](http://www.ollegustafsson.com/)


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Easy quetion for you, but elusive for me…How can one change the dimensions and size of the css for widgets? I am asking because the template I am using allows for 3 footer widgets and depending on the widget, they all appear in different sizes. I would like to create a css class that defines the widgets dimensions.


    • You would use something like .widget-class1 { width: 5em; } Or change the height. Add the CSS to your theme’s css file or use a plugin like Simple Custom CSS.


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