I’m Moving On From Cleverness To-Do List

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I started working on Cleverness To-Do List around 5 years ago. I didn’t write the original plugin but I adopted it to make it work again in WordPress 2.7.

Then I grew the plugin far beyond it’s original capabilities. I’ve added many features, but there have been many I couldn’t add because of the underlying architecture of the plugin.

I could stick with Cleverness To-Do List, and redo the plugin yet again, but I want to move forward and go beyond just to-do lists. You use it for so many different things already and I want to move the plugin in a direction to reflect that.

Sarah Pressler and I are creating OptimaList, a task management plugin. The main plugin will be free and there will be some free add-ons, but the focus will be on paid add-ons. All of the features of Cleverness To-Do List will make it into OptimaList, but some will be in paid add-ons.

I would love nothing more than to continue providing everything for free, but I am not independently wealthy and life requires money. I’ve received donations over the years and I thank you all who have donated. Everything has been much appreciated.

I hope to have OptimaList and some add-ons out by the end of the summer. But that depends on how much client work I will have to take on. Donations I receive towards OptimaList will help make the plugin happen sooner than later. Plus you get some benefits if you donate!

I can tell you now that the add-on to convert Cleverness To-Do List items to OptimaList will be free. The Master list view type will be a paid add-on. There’s so many ways it can be improved. I’m really excited about this!

I won’t be abandoning Cleverness To-Do List completely. I will make sure that it works in future versions of WordPress and that any security bugs are fixed.

Thank you for using Cleverness To-Do List and I hope you’ll follow me to OptimaList.

If you have any suggestions for features or add-ons, please leave a comment or email me. I’ll be considering all reasonable requests.

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