Cleverness To-Do List v3.4 Beta 2

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Cleverness To-Do List (933 downloads)

Changes from Beta 1:

fix todoadmin add new todo in visual editor mode
add note about dashboard widget options in settings
add note about documentation
fix todadmin category visibility after fetching ajax todos
move table heading to loop through todos function in todoadmin
added heading option to dashboard widget
updated settings text

== Changelog ==

= 3.4 =
* Fixed Assigned To text showing even though the value is empty on dashboard widget
* Fixed Master View – view assigned only – completed items issue where items were showing that should not be
* Fixed an issue with the frontend date added attribute
* Fixed todoadmin shortcode table overflowing container
* Changed progress to show as 100% completed for completed items
* Changed to-do editor to full width
* Changed CSS class in todochecklist shortcode from ‘uncompleted’ to ‘todo-uncompleted’
* Changed todolist shortcode attributes to use 1 instead of show (show still works)
* Changed default to-do limits from unlimited
* Changed to dashicons for menu icon; changeable with ctdl_icon filter
* Changed ctdl_add_form and ctdl_edit_form filters to ctdl_add_form_action and ctdl_edit_form_action hooks. ctdl_add_form and ctdl_edit_form are now filters applied to the forms after the new actions
* Added heading option to dashboard widget (configure link is show when hovering over widget title)
* Added ctdl_send_email filter that determines if email notification should be sent or not
* Added is_user_member_of_blog() to todoadmin shortcode
* Added link to individual Post Planner’s titles instead of showing just the title
* Added completed items display option to dashboard widget (configure link is show when hovering over widget title)
* Added templates for dashboard widget and widget – can be overwritten in your theme folder by copying files from the plugin’s /templates/ folder to a folder named ctdl-templates in your theme
* Added completed=only attribute for todolist shortcode to show only completed items
* Added completed=1 attribute for todochecklist shortcode to show only completed items
* Added completed=1 and completed_date=1 attributes for todoadmin shortcode to show completed items and date completed
* Added Post Planner display attribute to todoadmin shortcode: planner=1
* Added wp_reset_postdata() to widget loop (thanks to dwightlathan77), delete all todos loop, get_todos loop for master view, get all completed todos loop, main show_todo_list_items loop, dashboard widget loop,
and frontend loops
* Replaced create_function calls
* Removed HTML email type after sending email
* Removed uses of extract
* Update widget, dashboard, and category visibility options if category is split in WordPress 4.2 (shortcodes will need to be updated manually if a category id has changed)
* Show a message if the category id has changed when updating the category name
* Only show sorting arrows for table column headings on hover
* Backend style adjustments to match current WordPress UI
* Updated version of Select2 to 3.5.2
* Updated Spanish translation by Jorge Flores [Mayan Group](

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