Cleverness To-Do List v3.4 Beta 1

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Download Cleverness To-Do List (955 downloads) version 3.4beta1

Finally there’s a new version of the To-Do List plugin on the horizon! I have a bunch of items on my to-do list for the next version already too!

This is a beta of the next version if you want to try it out on a non-production site. There’s been a lot of adjustments made and I don’t want to release it until some other people try it out first. Please comment with any bugs you find or that you tested it and found no bugs!

= 3.4 =
* Fixed Assigned to text showing up even though the value is empty on dashboard widget
* Fixed Master View – view assigned only – completed items issue
* Fixed an issue with the frontend date added attribute
* Fixed todoadmin table overflowing container
* Changed progress to show 100% completed for completed items
* Changed to-do editor to full width
* Changed CSS class in todochecklist shortcode from ‘uncompleted’ to ‘todo-uncompleted’
* Changed todolist shortcode to use 1 instead of show (show still works)
* Changed default to-do limits from unlimited
* Changed to dashicons for menu icon; changeable with ctdl_icon filter
* Changed ctdl_add_form and ctdl_edit_form to ctdl_add_form_action and ctdl_add_form_action. ctdl_add_form and ctdl_edit_form are now filters applied after the action
* Added ctdl_send_email filter
* Added is_user_member_of_blog() to frontend admin shortcode
* Added link to individual post planners
* Added completed display option to dashboard widget
* Added templates for dashboard widget and widget – can be overwritten in your theme folders
* Added completed=only attribute for todolist shortcode to show only completed items
* Added completed=1 attribute for todochecklist shortcode to only show completed items
* Added completed=1 and completed_date=1 attributes for todoadmin shortcode to show completed items
* Added Post Planner display attribute to todoadmin shortcode: planner=1
* Added wp_reset_postdata() to widget loop (thanks to dwightlathan77), delete all todos loop, get_todos loop for master view, get all completed todos loop, main show_todo_list_items loop, dashboard widget loop,
and frontend loops
* Replaced create_function calls
* Remove HTML email type after sending email
* Removed uses of extract
* Update widget, dashboard, and category visibility options if category is split in WordPress 4.2 (shortcodes will need to be updated manually if a category id has changed)
* Show a message if the category id has changed when updating the name
* Only show sorting arrows for column heading on hover
* Backend style adjustments to match WordPress UI
* Updated version of Select2 to 3.5.2
* Updated Spanish translation by Jorge Flores [Mayan Group](

One Comment

  1. Translation and Format Issues
    I use the plugin in German. I noticed, that some strings dont get translated. The .po -File is ok.
    Then the date field as a input-field shows the wrong date format. Should be .
    The mini-calendar is in English and the week starts with Monday.
    And the plugin is not mobile friendly.
    Do you integrate this in the next release?
    Thanks and kind regards

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