To-Do List Version 3.3.1

Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in News | 2 comments

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Changelog 3.3.1

  • Updated Russian translation from Sergei Zastavnyi
  • Updated Tablesorter jQuery plugin to forked version from
  • Fixed sorting when getting specific categories
  • Fixed issue with category not being set when using todoadmin and todolist shortcodes together
  • Fixed todo text not being red in admin when priority is set to important
  • Fixed todo text not being grey in admin when priority is set to low
  • Fixed jQuery sorting of Date Added not working after first sorting
  • Fixed dash showing for Date Completed even when field set to not show
  • Fixed date formatting setting width
  • Added filters for front-end progress display
  • Added category attribute to todoadmin to show a specific category


  1. Cindy, you’ve done a great job developing this plugin. I use it on 2 WP sites. I saw your plugin was translated to 9 languages. I was wondering if you are interested in a Slovenian translation? My gf says she would be happy to help.

    Please let me know 😉

    • I would love a Slovenian translation. Translations can be emailed to and please include a name and (optional) URL so I can give proper credit.

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