Cleverness To-Do List Version 3.3

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Compatible with WordPress 3.6.


  • Added Slovak translation by Branco [](
  • Added vertical-align: text-top; to frontend admin table in case theme CSS sets it differently
  • Added ability to select multiple categories to display in Dashboard Widget
  • Added setting for the From email address
  • Added Post Planner URL to assigned user email if Post Planner integration is enabled
  • Fixed sorting by Date Added
  • Fixed
    1. writing manager plugin

    2. Weekly plugin review

    3. Add more affiliates to sidebar. gravity forms, phpstorm, jaguarpc, ticksy, codecanyon

    list format HTML when categories are enabled and to only show category headings when sort order is set to catgegory
  • Fixed jQuery 1.9 deprecated functions
  • Adjusted table heading widths in backend

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