New Version of To-Do List Released – 3.2.1

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This version has a number of new features and bug fixes. I’ve tried to get all the bugs worked out, but please let me know if you run into any.

I’ve added a number of filters and hooks you can use to customize the plugin. You can find them here.


  • Added Post Planner plugin integration
  • Added ability to assign to-do items to multiple users
  • Added the option for the textarea to use WP_Editor
  • Added option to use wpautop to automatically add paragraph tags
  • Added dashboard setting to hide the Edit link on the Dashboard widget
  • Added jQuery table sorting of the To-Do List using tablesorter
  • Added filters and hooks
  • Added Widget option to show a logged-in user’s own items only
  • Added Import/Export of Settings
  • Added some CSS classes to items
  • Added ability to collapse the Completed To-Do table when you click on the table headings
  • Added Polish translation by Adam Zienkowicz
  • Fixed missing jQuery UI CSS images
  • Fixed completed date not showing in front-end shortcode
  • Fixed issue with multiple widgets
  • Fixed sorting by deadlines
  • Changed User Roles in Settings to checkboxes instead of text field
  • Changed Progress dropdown to slider
  • Changed Assign dropdown to use Select2
  • Changed some default user permissions to edit_posts instead of publish_posts
  • Removed closing PHP tags in files

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