Version 3.1 of the To-Do List Plugin

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Version 3.1 of the To-Do List Plugin is now out.

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Here’s what new in this version:

  • Lowered the number of database calls when showing to-do items
  • Added option to show date to-do item was added
  • Added button under Settings to delete all to-do items
  • Added setting to show who assigned the to-do item in email
  • Fixed master view not showing only assigned items
  • Fixed translations not loading
  • Changed plugin activation set-up
  • Changed the field order in the display table
  • Deleting the plugin via WordPress will now delete to-do items and categories
  • Fixed issues with fields that should be hidden appearing when using the todoadmin shortcode

There will be no more issues of to-do items duplicating when upgrading the plugin. I’ve greatly improved the function that controls plugin database and option upgrades.

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