Version 3.0.5 of the To-Do List Plugin

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in News | 15 comments

And another update to further refine the duplicating to-dos bug fix.

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  1. That’s going to suck, because I have about 8,000 now. Is there a way to just delete it all and start over?

    • You can go into your posts table in phpMyAdmin, browse to the end of the entries, click Check All (uncheck any entries that aren’t to-do in the post_content field…they’ll all be grouped together most likely), and click on the red X to delete. Just be careful you don’t delete any real entries.

      • I will give that a shot! I may drink heavily while doing so but that’s all good, too!

    • Actually, disregard that. If you want to delete all the to-dos, go to the SQL tab in phpMyAdmin and enter

      DELETE FROM `wp_posts` WHERE `post_type` = 'todo'

      . Change wp_posts to whatever the name of your posts table is.

      • You are, without a doubt, my time-saving hero! That worked, so much easier to redo than undo! Thank you!

        • Glad it worked!

  2. I fresh installed this, but I still have the duplicates! 🙁

    • Try 3.0.5. This should fix it. Very sorry about this. I just finished cleaning out this site from the duplicates.

      • That’s what I fresh installed with. Still there. It’s also bring back long since finished tasks, unchecking them, and duplicating those, too. Buggy or not, I love this plugin and have been using it forever!

        • Ugh. Was hoping it was all fixed. Are you able to log into phpMyAdmin and check what it says in your options table for CTDL_db_version, please?

          • I would be glad to, if I knew where to find that. I am in phpMyAdmin, but have no clue where to look!

          • Never mind, I finally found it! 3.0.3

          • It’s in the wp_options database table (wp is whatever your WordPress prefix is set to). You’ll probably have to page through several pages of values in the option table to find it, although it might be near the end of the list.

          • See above! I was having a blonde moment, but found it!

          • Thanks, that’s very helpful to know. I’ve decided to just disable the portion of the code that checks to see if the plugin version matches the one stored in the database. So 3.0.6 should have no more duplication. Unfortunately, there’s no automatic way to delete the duplicates.

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