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I bought WordPress & Ajax by Ronald Huereca awhile ago and finally got around to reading it. When I bought it, it wasn’t available in print, like it is now (WordPress & Ajax print version on Amazon). I had a really hard time getting myself to actually read an ebook on my computer, but I recently bought a nook color and can now read all my ebooks more pleasantly.

But back to the book. I was excited when I found this book because I wanted to add ajax functionality to my to-do list plugin, but didn’t really understand how. This book shows you exactly how to do it and you can download the code from the book at the website. I admit I didn’t fully get the javascript in all the examples, but that’s not the book’s fault. I’m sure I’ll understand it better once I actually use it instead of just looking at it. He uses jQuery in the book, which I liked since that’s what I was planning on using.

I don’t have any complaints about the book. I would have loved to have seen some code that I could relate more directly to my plugin’s functionality, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Aesthetically, the book looked very nice. The ebook comes as a PDF. The nook color has the bad habit of showing non-DRM PDFs in the document viewer instead the book viewer. You can’t easily read them that way. I used the ezPDF Reader app and the book looked great.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in using ajax with WordPress to read this book. You really don’t have any excuse not to because the ebook is now available for free. Some people are upset that something they paid for is now available for free. And maybe I would be too if it was some big publisher, but it’s one person who took a lot of his own free time to write this book. He deserves whatever you may have paid him.

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