Development, bug fixes, and support will be very limited until July

Posted by on May 17, 2011 in News | 0 comments

This year I have been planning lots of improvements to the plugin, especially adding Ajax. This past winter and early spring was not good to me health-wise. I have chronic medical conditions plus I had bronchitis a few times. And a couple ER visits. Now that my health is stable for the moment, I was looking forward to getting back into development. But, it is not to be yet.

The company I work for received a grant last July for training. Unfortunately, the company owner did not approve the training until February. All the training has to be completed by June 30. With me being sick and it being busy at work, I still have 1 class to finish and one to complete (there were three). I’m taking them through O’Reilly. I took Javascript 2: Ajax first. The assignments were not overwhelming and took a reasonable amount of time to complete. Then, I started PHP/MySQL 2: Relational and Logical Database Design. Wow. This class has been a lot of work. The assignments take forever, it seems. I still have PHP/MySQL 3 to complete, which sounds like it will be even more work. So, from now until the end of June I will be spending a good amount of free time working on these courses and between that and coding at work, I won’t be up to working on the plugin.

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