To-Do List Plugin – Possible New Feature

Posted by on May 30, 2010 in News | 0 comments

As I’ve been getting a new site of mine ready for launch, I realized that I have a need for both a public and a private to-do list.

I often use my to-do lists as places for possible post topics, things I need to do to improve the site, and so on. This new site is going to have reviews and I want to list upcoming reviews. And to be able to see the upcoming list in the admin so I know what I need to do and check them off when I finish (or I would just use a text widget).

So I’ve been thinking of how exactly I should change my plugin. Do I just make a private checkbox? Do I set it up to allow categories? With category options where you can set it as public or private?

Right now I’m liking the category idea best. Does anyone have any input?

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