I’m still around

I haven’t abandoned my plugins, I’ve just had no time to work on them since starting to work full-time in January. Widget CSS Classes doesn’t require any additional work, but I’ve been working on and off on Cleverness To-Do List since my last release. I’ve been working on a 4.0 version with templating features but it’s going to take more time yet to finish. In addition to working full-time, I have a 9 month old son so I don’t have much free time at all.

To-Do List Version 3.3.2

{title} ({hits})


  • Updated Polish translation from Michał Wielkopolski
  • Fixed Trying to get property of non-object notice in todolist shortcode

Support May Be Sporadic for the Next Few Months

I'm expecting my first child soon (a son!). My due date is September 2nd (Labor Day). I probably won't be working much on my plugins for awhile. I had tested them with the upcoming 3.6 version of WordPress, so hopefully there will be no issues … [Continue reading]

To-Do List Version 3.3.1

Changelog 3.3.1 Updated Russian translation from Sergei Zastavnyi Updated Tablesorter jQuery plugin to forked version from http://mottie.github.io/tablesorter/ Fixed sorting when getting specific categories Fixed issue with category not being set … [Continue reading]

Cleverness To-Do List Version 3.3

Compatible with WordPress 3.6. Changelog Added Slovak translation by Branco [WebHostingGeeks.com](http://webhostinggeeks.com/user-reviews/) Added vertical-align: text-top; to frontend admin table in case theme CSS sets it differently Added ability … [Continue reading]

Version 3.2.3 of the To-Do List Plugin

Changelog Updated Select2 jQuery plugin to version 3.2 (fixes assignment issue with WordPress 3.5) Added todolist-completed class to completed items using todolist shortcode Added plugin version to enqueue script/styles Added passing of Planner ID … [Continue reading]

Version 1.2 of Widget CSS Classes Released

I also verified that it works with version 3.5 of WordPress. Changelog Replace ID with custom ID rather than appending to existing ID Added settings to not show numbered widget classes, first/last classes, and even/odd classes Updated compatibility … [Continue reading]

Widget CSS Classes Version 1.1

Changelog Added support for Widget Context plugin (thanks to Joan for the fix) Fixed notices appearing when Widget Logic plugin was enabled but filter was disabled Added Hide option for the Class Field Type in Settings Don't show any previously … [Continue reading]

Version 3.2.2 of the To-Do List Plugin

Fixed the bug causing emails to not be sent to assigned users. … [Continue reading]

New Version of To-Do List Released – 3.2.1

This version has a number of new features and bug fixes. I've tried to get all the bugs worked out, but please let me know if you run into any. I've added a number of filters and hooks you can use to customize the plugin. You can find them … [Continue reading]